Thursday, February 23, 2006

Normal for a Normal Person


We are successfully beating back the poison ivy!  Erin looks close to normal and is not scratching her face raw.  Even better, the prednisone beast has not reared its ugly head, yet (I hope I haven't jinxed myself here).  Perhaps best, Erin's counts on Day 10 of this chemo cycle are ALL normal, for a normal person:

White Blood Count--6500 (normal, even for a regular person)
Absolute Neutrophil Count--5100 (normal, even for a regular person)
Hemoglobin--11.9 (low normal, for a regular person, BUT it's been a long time since we hit that milestone.  BTW, she is still saying "More Steak")
Platelets--334,000 (right smack in the middle of normal, for a regular person)

The weather has cooperated enough to let both Davis and Erin back on to the field.  The high school lost in Temple Tuesday night, but Davis had a solid game (half at full back and half at stopper).  Erin picks back up tonight at 6:00.  It's been so long I hope everyone remembers.

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