Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Business As Usual


My philosophy of not using up good luck on smooth sailing through scan day worked again yesterday (I'm starting to re-think this a little, given the magnitude of the unpleasantness of our afternoon.  We had a continual string of bad luck from the drive to Houston and beyond, which included sorry weather, construction, and so many delays once we got to the hospital that we didn't even get to see Dr. Russell before she left for the day).  When she called this morning with nothing but positive news about Erin's scans, I wasn't surprised.  The bone scan was normal, and the CT scan was stable or perhaps even improved.  Erin did have some gunky stuff in her lungs (evidence that she caught a bad cold last week when we visited The Germiest Place in the World).  We have signed up for another couple of rounds of oral etoposide and will scan again in late July (so we can get that done without having to miss school).

Thanks for checking in with us, for holding us up while we waited for scan results, and for celebrating with us over the good news.  I'm going to take Erin to the pediatrician tomorrow and hopefully he will prescribe a Z-Pak (antibiotics) to take care of her lung gunk.  Otherwise, it's business as usual.

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