Saturday, December 23, 2006

What Sugar Plums Dance in Your Head?

What Sugar Plums Dance in Your Head?
The Buengers have myriad answers.


  • Personal Energizer batteries (it's a bummer running out of steam just when you get to good part)
  • A visit from Santa (who may or may not be a real guy, but who's willing to chance it?)
  • Fewer pills (hard to tell the difference between the viruses and the medication side effects)
  • That Chet Edwards' delayed throat surgery (January 15) comes out all right, and that he doesn't drive J.T. and Garrison crazy with the summoning bell she suggested


  • Sleeping in (no explanation needed)
  • Grades he deserves (is there any other kind?)
  • That Dean Forman drinks a hefty stein of eggnog for Christmas, then logs on and makes a fatally blundering move in the correspondence chess match


  • That he regain his stamina (no joke here, just a sincere wish to put the Erin-born viruses behind him)
  • That he enjoys Davis and Erin and the holiday (Again, no joke here)
  • All problem faculty from the history department volunteer to teach at A&M's campus in Qatar
  • No more destructive, wall-paper eating dogs
  • No more garbage-eating dogs who ingest so much extra stuff that their feet don't touch the ground when they nap on their sides
  • No more dogs who are almost blind and definitely deaf who wander off after dark and don't come back unless someone stands in the cold and dark calling their name for a half hour


  • Someone to chew his food (preferably steak tartar) for him,
  • While rubbing his belly,
  • And not complaining about the wonderful odors slipping from between his back legs


  • No one but her getting attention
  • A closer garbage dump (the walk is getting a little onerous)
  • A tiara


  • Someone putting a giant chew stick (12 feet tall), full of tasty wooden, plastic, and glass morsels right in the living room
  • A daily walk with strategically placed piles of leave desperately needing someone to pee on them (another reason not to jump in random piles of leaves)
  • An adversarial bunny residing in the nearby tank farm willing to wait coquetishly every morning at 6:00, cotton tail erect, to lead him on a merry romp, and thus delay his real walk by fifteen minutes


  • The soccer dream: She shoots. She scores.
  • A dark chocolate chip and pecan cookie warmed on the lip of the coffee cup each morning before the children awake
  • Healing for all the children with neuroblastoma and peace for their families

Other than Willie, do you think anyone else's wishes will come true? I'm counting on it!

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