Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not a Radio Station



No, that's not my favorite radio station. That was Erin's temperature when I took it Monday evening. It really surprised me. I had noticed that she had the sniffles. I had noticed that her cough had flared up again, just a few days after finishing a round antibiotics for lung gunk. I had even noticed that her ears weren't quite right. She said they felt like she had cups over them (I thought she was just ignoring me when I asked her to pick up her dirty clothes). BUT, she had not revealed illness to me over the course of her rather active day. On invitation from her kindergarten teacher, Leslie Borski, she spent the morning at her old school as a helper. She loved assisting various five year olds make melted crayon hearts and valentine people. She also had a blast with Jackson on Monday afternoon building Legos and playing SimCity. But what can I say, I got back from walking Willie and Uma around the lake about 6:00, and I could tell she was warm. Did I say warm? I mean blazing!

This discovery bought her a forced holiday from school, although after a dose of Tylenol Monday evening, her temp stayed normal. Walter set his schedule aside and stayed home with her on Tuesday so I could get my classes taught (the ability to work from home on the newly acquired computer with super-fast modem did a lot to ameliorate the decision). When I returned home at 2:00, Erin and I began the odyssey to discover the driver of the fever. Dr. Parr found two infected ears, but also sent us out for a chest x-ray, just to make sure. Fortunately, lung-wise, Erin was clear. She started a Z-Pack last night and felt well enough for school this morning.

Which is a good thing, since today is Valentine's Day, which for grader schoolers everywhere, means a party with high sugar content. Erin worked diligently on her valentines this year. She decided on a puzzle booklet. The cover is below. By clicking on the following options, you, too, can have the pleasure of solving the sudoku, the logic problem, the word find, the word scramble, and the word game that Erin designed.

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