Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mo of Everything

June 22, 2008

Mo Ranch belonged to Dan Moran, former president of Conoco Oil Co. Hence, its name. But most people who spend any time there, think of "Mo" as just a shortened version of "More." More fun. More beauty. More peace. More friends.

Erin definitely falls into the second category. Having just finished a full week there, she hasn't had enough and wants Mo. I got the full, three-hour run down of all the activities on the first leg of our trip home yesterday. Of course, this included usual camp stuff like horseback riding, kayaking, camping under the stars, and the high ropes course. It also included long, laughing descriptions of what she called her camp "hallmarks." She did her hair in a different style each day (a task made much simpler by the fact that her hair didn't fall out during the week). She also hung all her cards and e-mail (not a trivial volume) from her bunk. I think she remembered doing something similar when her treatment used to call for hospital stays. Anyway, she owes a big debt of gratitude and thanks to her Erin fans who celebrated her birthday and camp experience by sending cards and notes! THANKS! On the final night of camp, her group threw her a surprise birthday party and decorated her (her, not her bunk) in splendid fashion.

The only part about camp that she claimed not to like was that she danced with a boy at the "Mo Down." Apparently, at this activity, the dancing among Erin's age group was gender-oriented. The girls preferred to dance alone or in groups with other girls. The boys weren't that interested in dancing at all. . .except George. George wanted to dance, but the girls he asked kept turning him down. Finally, one of the counselors asked Erin to dance with him. Listening to Erin describe the experience was sort of like listening to her describe a day at clinic. . something to be tolerated, but not enjoyed. She thought it was woefully limiting to have to keep her hands on George's shoulders while dancing.

I will post photos in a day or two, but wanted to get in a quick update to let everyone know we made it back safely. Scans come up this week on Wednesday and Thursday. Please hope that the great way that Erin is feeling these days is because her tumor is being knocked back.

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  1. HI guys I am so glad that Erin had a wonderful birthday at Mo Ranch and a wonderful week!!!! Erin you look so good we can except nothing less than fab results on Thurday. You are always in our prayers no matter if it is scans or not.
    Vickie as for the NB confrence I will fly out of IAH on Thur at 7:00 we should arive around 9:30. Athena is going with me so we are planning on sharing a room. So we will see yall Thur evening cant wait to see yall.
    Tracy Ash