Monday, November 30, 2009


November 30, 2009

My muse has suffered lately. Rather than the words flowing straight from my brain, down my neck, across my shoulders, along my arms, through my fingertips, and straight into the keyboard, I have struggled. But not now. I have ideas for new entries out the (metaphorical) wahzoo.

Write already, then.

But no. I have no time. The end of the semester is upon me. I have wall-to-wall grading and no room for much else.

Here is a start on the cascade of ideas that have come to me lately. The first is a commentary concerning Michaela Salahi and Teddy Buenger.

Who really deserves fifteen minutes of fame more?


I would definitely vote for Teddy, wouldn't you?

And for the discerning among us, why the period before Fri?


  1. Why Indeed. And are lapdogs getting married or is Wednesday a Lapdog day there? In that case, Wed should have a period AFTER it, no?

  2. Or is it lapdog karaoke day on (.)Fri? If that's the case, somebody take a video camera and let's get it on YouTube! Teddy gets my vote.