Thursday, January 7, 2010


January 7, 2010

Because I strive to be a good person and good friend (note the use of strive, not succeed) I will not write a long post rubbing in the fact that I left Texas this morning before the arctic blast hit and am now clicking away on the keyboard in the bright sun and warmth of San Diego, California with no plans to return until the rest of you chase the icy weather away from my home. Instead, I will just note that my situation improved markedly when I stepped off the plane at 11:00 a.m. local time this morning.


  1. Sunny California - Oh how nice! I will strive to be a good friend, too, and try not to be too jealous!


  2. Go ahead, rub it in!
    Be a little bad for once.

    Say hi to the families of Max and Sam as I'm sure you'll be rubbing elbows with them this weekend.


  3. Well I will not strive to be a good friend today, because I'm downright jealous and I'll freely admit it. You think TEXAS has an arctic blast? .. HA! ...

    Have a wonderful visit :-)

  4. My first reaction was - you stink, and I'm jealous, and even its not fair - but then I think... You deserve some sun when others are in the cold. And I can not honestly think of another person I would wish that for - so enjoy! Give the sun and warmth a howdy and hello from us in Texas!

  5. Welcome to San Diego! We can't wait to see you.


  6. Rub it in!!! Mikey is running around like a hurricane bored indoors. I wish we were there!! Enjoy! Enjoy! No one deserves it more.