Friday, October 21, 2011

World Clock

October 21, 2011

 If you look on the left column of the page, you will see I have put the Australian clock back in place. 

I added the international clock to the blog the first time when Davis studied abroad in Budapest so I wouldn't accidentally call him in the middle of the night.  When the Tjoelkers spent a half year in Canberra, I felt an even stronger need to have an easy way to figure out their time zone, since it also involved a day change as well.

The Tjoelkers are leaving again next Wednesday.  As there is no planned return to US residency, I may have to make the Sydney clock a permanent blog feature.

How do I feel about my besties moving?  I told them last night, when we celebrated Adam's birthday at Atami, I'm down-hearted, but I don't need an intervention.

Check on me again next week after they have left and see if I was wrong about the intervention. 

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  1. that's just wrong. besties moving all the way to australia like that. wrong. very wrong.