Tuesday, December 13, 2011


December 13, 2011

I'm a day ahead of my usual schedule.   Ordinarily, I turn my grades in on the Wednesday of finals week and G.T.H.O.O.D (Get The Hell Out Of Dodge) so that I don't become a wheedle magnet for students looking for a mullet who might change their grade for no other reason than they have  a sad story and a compelling look on their face.  I turned all my grades in this morning and can now avoid my office for a few weeks, as if stopping by would unleash a plague of locust.   Then I hit the gym.  

I have a new incentive program to make me more faithful about working out.  I love reading mysteries, but some authors like Laurie R. King I just gobble up.  Here's my latest: 

The key to this new approach to making sure I get to the gym is that I will only let myself read The God of the Hive if I am on an exercise bike at the Rec Center.  I have other things I can read at home, even other mysteries, but to make progress in this one, I have to be exercising.  I'm about 160 pages in now, and I can honestly say I'm studying my calendar and my to do list to see when the next time I can make it to work out.  I'm glad I have my semester out of the way. . . now what to do about that pesky approaching holiday that requires cleaning and cooking and other activities that might stand as a barrier to finishing the book and solving the mystery?


  1. Ignore the holiday! That's what I'm choosing to do.. sort of.. I have actually bought more gifts this year than any other year. I kept seeing things that my people - the Parkers ( would like. The advantage of my people being LDS, they LOVE family gifts, and I love giving them! Maybe that's not just LDS, but it's BIG in LDS circles. I've also bought my mom a gift, and my stepfather (he's getting an "Aggie Dad" (USU!) mug to honor him and his place in my heart). Otherwise, after getting, wrapping and sending gifts, along with some cards, I'm ignoring it all. Although, I am likely to go to midnight services at the Presby Church. It's 1.5 blocks away and the Presby pastor is the best preacher in town. He'll make for a good humbugy Christmas Eve night no matter what he says.

    My house is a mess, but it's just me and the cats. The food is, well, pizzas on a tortilla, or tortillas dipped in salsa, sugar snap peas and carrots from the bag, celery with peanut butter, coffee, chocolate (too much). Oh, and a bag of cat food. It's just me and the cats though.

    I'll be here in Logan, writing this draft and sending it off to my editors for grammar checking (editor 1 - mom, editor 2 - aunt - mom in b'burg, va, aunt in FL). I'll also be learning path analysis, latent class analysis, writing cover letters, listening to music, playing wizadry on my phone, and hopefully going x-c skiing once up at beaver flats.

    No holidaying for me. On the depressing side, I didn't notice last year (shock), but this year I noticed that there won't be a present from my Dad coming. Dad's presents were always the best. Never knew what they'd be, but whatever they were they were wonderful. I love my GPS and the silk painted lavender scented eye pillow is still a staple for my bed after 4 years or so.

    I'll try to give you a call as you requested. That is, if you still want to talk to a ba-humbuger..

  2. Happy exercising! Great idea whatever works.

  3. Thanks for the visit/comment. Coffee in 2012 sounds awesome! Keep me posted.