Thursday, January 19, 2012


January 19, 2012

Walter grew up think that his birthday was a holiday.  Fort Stockton schools dismissed for Robert E. Lee's and Jefferson Davis's birthday, which happened to beWLB's birthday as well (Unfortunately, in 1973, the Texas legislature combine the previously official state holidays honoring those two specific men, who Walter didn't mind sharing a birthday with, into a single "Confederate Heroes Day."  At that point he may have either started claiming birthdays with Edgar Allen Poe, or perhaps only mentioned it in the years when the 19th fell on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.).

For some reason, Walter doesn't end up in too many photos.  I really like the one I opened with because Walter looks so relaxed, but also very wise.  It also shows the rocker that has been in the family for generations.  

Erin talked him into this birthday pic a few years ago.  I think his birthday must have coincided with MLK Day that year, which would explain how Ayesha ended up visiting (probably a three day weekend!)  


Tonight will definitely be quieter when Walter and I celebrate his birthday than it ever was when Erin was in charge of the party, but we will have a lovely and loving time nevertheless.


  1. Erin has Walter's eyes, there's a glimmer there that is too hard not to miss in both of them. I can't wait to meet him when I visit. Happy Birthday to a father that must be as blessed as my own.

  2. Happy Birthday! Great pictures. I also appear in few family pictures as I'm usually on the wrong (or right as you see fit) side of the camera. I especially like the sensible shoes in the rocking chair picture. -bwatson-

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to Walter! I am continually inspired by your family, Vickie... the love, the wit, the resolve.

    And yes, Erin had Walters eyes!... in that first photo, it's as if she's peering out.

  4. While Walter certainly looks distinguished in those two photos, I like to think it is the confidence from receiving the gift of Erin's love and adoration that gave his visage such a glow in the photos. When you two make it to San Diego again I owe Walter a birthday beer or three.