Friday, May 18, 2012


May 18, 2012

I had a very good day.  We celebrated my friends Shirlene's and Lisa's birthdays at Christopher's (surely, I  misused my apostrophe key at some point in this sentence).  The really cool thing was that our server was talking about our table back in the kitchen about how she was getting to serve the table with the "fun ladies."  Another server came out to see who we were, and it turns out he was our server last year.  He was very jealous!  We, on the other hand, were just sated.

Maximillian had his first follow up doctor's appointment since his surgery.  Unexpectedly, his Five (5) incisions had healed enough that they removed his stitches and put him in a fiberglass cast.  He still has zero-weight bearing instructions (which believe me, is very inconvenient), but at least we know that his big toe is aligned with his nose and he is improving.

Zero-weight bearing has real consequences.  For one, you can't even carry your own glass of water to wherever you want to drink it (unless where you want to drink it is right by the refrigerator).  When you move from place to place, you are limited to whatever you can put in your pocket, whatever you can balance on your head, or whatever your friends and/or relatives will carry for you.

Maximillian was okay with that at first.  A couple of days after I DC'd his IV nerve blocks he started using his On Q carrying bag (without the little grenade-shaped nerve block device inside) to carry his Blackberry around his neck as he moved from room to room.  

But every day that passes, he wants to carry more things.  So, Maximillian asked me to find him a bag big enough to carry his phone and his nook tablet and his miscellaneous stuff.

The solution?  Look through Erin's vast store of purses, bags, and carryalls.  I found the perfect pouch:  just the right size, just the right strap, just the right features, just the right color.  Whenever Maximillian wears it he is inspired to "suck it up" like Erin always did and charge forward.

Of course, it helps that it matches his ensemble, and makes him a a styling' guy.

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  1. Styling that beautiful Erin-green cast too!!! Hope y'all can make it to church Sunday for the youth breakfast.