Tuesday, January 15, 2013


January 15, 2013

Uma went on a few days ago.  Her last sounds were little snores.  Walter dug an excellent hole.  Thank goodness for 5.25 inches of rain beforehand, but even with that the digging was pretty stiff work after about foot and a half down.  Our twelve year gag gift finally ended, and in the end, we all had found a place in the family for her (even Willie).  I have already begun musing about what kind of dog will stumble into our lives next.  We claim an eclectic, some would say checkered past:  a German shepherd, a couple of labs (one black one yellow), a rottweiller, a Welsh corgi, a Rhodesian ridgeback, a shih tsu, and one so completely mixed we haven't a clue.  I think if we are going to continue to cover the continents like they are a Risk board, we'll need to look for dingo (an Australian shepherd might be too energetic) or maybe an Argentine Dogo.

I've bee getting messages about the national day of service coming up either on Saturday or on Martin Luther King Day on Monday.  I think this is a fabulous idea.  There are actually few things in the world that can make you feel better that applying one of your talents or skills to helping someone out.  Do any of my friends have any ideas for service that others might join in?   If you are already booked this weekend, I know you can hang out with me at First Presbyterian Church on February 6 in the evening to help me and lots of others pack 40,000 meals for STOP HUNGER NOW.  No skills or talent required, just a desire to help.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of a beloved family pet. I know it's nothing compared to a human loved one, but those little furry loved ones sure to have a way of getting into our hearts.. at least mine. :)