Sunday, February 17, 2013


February 17, 2013

My niece Emma isn't really a puppy dog.

But she is as awesome as she looks.  Check out how well she entertained Davis when he got bored at Christmas, even when she was already dressed for the ball (except her glass slippers):

She just had a birthday. . . the one that looks like infinity if you lay it over on its side:  "8"

I sent her what I would have wanted for my eighth birthday.  If you don't know Bad Kitty you are

She also got a special trip to Great Wolf Lodge with her friend Sammie.  Don't you wish the place where you spent your birthday looked this much fun?  

Last time Emma visited me she wrote me some books.  The first one was called "Canser."  It was dedicated to a lot of people, including me and Uncle HaHa (which is what she calls Walter).  It went like this:






The next page had the title "Lucky" with the picture of a person in a wheelchair, saying "Yay" and a doctor saying "Cured."

After that came the page titled "Not Lucky."  I'll let you imagine what the picture looked like.

I'm thinking of making copies and sending it to my Congressman and Senators who are on recess right now instead of working in DC on the sequester.  Have you heard what will happen if the sequester goes through?  Research that funds most of the childhood cancer research in the country will be cut automatically by 8%.  Do you know how much 8% is?  Our friends at Ph.D. Comics explain:


  1. I had started getting so much spam content that I had to put up a filter.

  2. Mrs. Buenger,
    I don't know if you remember me but I used to have the blog "stuck outside the box" and I wrote about Erin once and linked to this website. I came across the youtube video in memory of Erin somehow a few years ago and then I read back through all the archives on your blog. She made such a huge impression on me. Thank you so much for sharing her story. Since reading about Erin I have followed several children through caringbridge and other websites - I can't go a day without thinking of these families.
    I'm in my first year of college in Boston now and 3 of my rugby teammates and I will be shaving our heads for St. Baldrick's on April 6th! We've been telling everyone we can about childhood cancer and the kids that we're honoring. I just wanted to let you know the impact Erin has had on me - I don't know if I would have ever gotten involved in childhood cancer awareness otherwise. We will be thinking of her when we go bald next month! Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with the world (the internet world?). She has/you have inspired my family and my friends so much.
    -Jamie R.

    1. Jamie,

      Thank you so much for stopping in and letting me know of you plans to shave for St. Baldrick's. It's a great cause and raises a huge amount of awareness. Thank you and your teammates for putting it on the line fore the children.

      I hope your first year is going great and that you are balancing studying, sport, and a great social life. Drop in from time to time and let me know how you are doing. I love when my young friends embrace the world on their own terms.

      With Admiration,