Saturday, May 25, 2013


May 25, 2013

Do you collect antiques?  I don't.  

At least I don't on purpose.  I have a few things in my house that came from my family or Walter's that probably qualify:  a terrific old rocker, the clock his grandparents received as a wedding gift in 1905, possibly some other stuff.

I'm not sure how old something has to be to qualify as an antique.  It probably depends on the category.    Furniture probably has to be older than a car to be called an antique.  I'm not sure.

What I'm even less clear about is how old food has to be considered antique.

Do any of you have food in the house that's older than your oldest child?  

I tidied up the pantry today as my Saturday chore, tossing out things that had passed their "use by" date.  I found this:

I searched for the "use by" and couldn't find one.  I was about to stick it back on the shelf (which evidently, I have done before) when I spotted this info for a special offer on the back panel:

Walter and I got married in October 1984.  I'm guessing this was one of our first newlywed purchases.  

Should we put it up on the mantle next to his grandparent's wedding clock?


  1. Oh my, that is TOO funny. Please tell me you didn't put it back on the shelf! :-)

    Or hey, maybe you could save the box and eat the muffins as a way of celebrating your fiftieth wedding anniversary!

    1. That is a festive idea, but one that would never float with WB. I'm pretty sure the box would have stayed in the back of the pantry until Davis came to clean out after my funeral, if Walter wasn't a stickler about tossing expired items.

  2. Heheheheeheheehe. I'd put it back on the shelf just because I could. It's been there so long, why not?


    1. We composted it, along with the other items that were expired. I suspect it had so much artificial preservatives, etc. that it wouldn't have tasted any different than had we fixed it 28 years ago. I just can't believe how many times I must have looked at it and put it back in the pantry.