Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lost in Space

January 17, 2007

Wow! Talk about a surreal experience. I have been lost in cyberspace for a week. That's right. I was just walking down the road last Thursday, minding my own business, updating Erin's website and fielding congratulatory e-mails from Erin fans thrilled by the news of stable scans, when oops, gravity lost hold, and I floated off into a black hole. Actually, it was probably a worm hole since I ended up at a different URL. Anyway, unlike Major Tom, ground control rescued me, and I'm not permanently lost. The company that hosted Erin's web page went out of business and did not make accommodations to handle customers like me who only used the free personal space. I am trying to piece things back together.

For now, I have managed to get this update posted, and I am working on ways to get all the familiar screen links, including the archive page back up and at 'em.

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