Thursday, January 11, 2007

Same Old, Same Old


Erin had stable scans again yesterday and has signed up for three more months of the same old, same old. For those of you keeping count, that would be rounds 14, 15, and 16 of oral etoposide along with the recently added celebrex chaser. Also for those of you keeping track, this marks 22 months since relapse of wonderful, fun-filled life.

I have let out a long woooooohoooooo and relaxed my white-knuckle grip on the world around me. I can never really tell how wound up I get before scans until after I get results. If I have insulted, ignored, or pestered you lately, please accept my apology. If I haven't, it wasn't for lacking of trying.

Our day went well yesterday, all things considered. We didn't wreck going to or from Houston. We didn't get mugged. A tiger didn't eat us. We did have the usually fits and starts, crappy little (and large) delays, and so on. BUT, we also encountered people trying their hardest to get things right, trying to help ease our day along, and generally keeping their sense of humor in the faces of obstacles and burdens. We tried to do the same.

We managed to see Davis and a couple of his buddies for dinner before heading home last night. Things are off to a rolicking start at Rice U., and I guess the only surprising thing about the evening was how much food the guys socked away, knowing that they were heading for soccer practice pretty much as soon as they left the table. I do have some newsy bits about the last week to share and will do that when I update the Davis Report and add some photos to the site tomorrow. In the meantime, I actually need to get ready to start the semester next week.

Thanks for your faithful support. It means so much to us all that we don't walk this path alone.

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