Friday, May 25, 2007

Head West


Yesterday was the last day of fourth grade for Erin, so I packed her into the car and headed west. Can you think of a better way to start summer vacation than with a long weekend in Round Rock, partying and relaxing with Ayesha and her family? Before the litany of summer fun begins, let me give you a run down of the last week of the school year. Buckle your seat belt!

As I mentioned, we brought Aunt Kat and Emma back with us from Dallas, which was a source of alot of fun. Erin was a much-in-demand slide partner at the park:

Erin and I also had a blast at the Red Hot Chili Peppers End-of-an-Era Bash at the A&M Rec center. This is Katie, Cat (not Aunt Kat), Erin, and Marla making the most of the college pool experience.

What a way to warm up for four days at the coast. We had never stayed at Port Aransas before, but now consider it a possible destination for future beach trips. On the plus side: we had the nicest, best-maintained condo accommodations we've ever had at the beach and better shells than we usually find in Galveston (both my mom and Erin found whole sand dollars). On the minus side: the easterly wind had blown in loads of sargassum (sea weed) which piled up on the beach edge, and perhaps most damning, the restaurants tended towards mediocre. On the whole, we had a fine beach experience.

Even Walter and I loosened up to have some fun:

You should ask yourself, why is Walter laughing? Is it because I have just told an amusing story? Or is it the only reasonable response to being surrounded by "The Ladies" while vacationing?

Erin continued to prosper when she returned to school on Monday. During the end of year awards ceremony, she received the President's Award for Educational Excellence, along with Jesse, Jackson, Morgan, and of course, Nico. Monday evening brought her season-ending softball game and trophy party. The Tornadoes managed to scratch another mark in the win column, but the season was a lot more about getting used to kid pitch and new stealing rules than about winning ballgames. She ended up playing about two-thirds of the game at short stop (a new experience and one that I had to question the coach's wisdom about. Erin can field almost anything on the ground, but I just don't think she has the oomph to throw the ball across the diamond.)

Erin has finally put the spring to bed, making it through another grade (something I always hope for, but never count on) and garnering heaps of awards and accolades in the process. Her final report card demonstrated her excellent mastery of everything tossed at her this year. Her reading scores place her in the 99th percentile of children her age, and I think her math is slightly better than her reading. We shall now relax and take it easy. . .you know us.

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