Tuesday, June 12, 2007


June 12, 2007

From what I can tell, September must be the month for Lovers. How do I know? Erin has fielded birthday invitations left and right since school let out, and we've had several e-mail messages from fellow Geminis as well. Do the math. To have a June birthday, something must be going on in September. Instead of summer romances petering out in the dog days of August, couples appear to get it together by the time the weather starts to cool (I'm talking hypothetical cooling here in Texas, not actual cooler temperatures).

This picture is fellow Gemini Noah DeAtley (in the middle, doing his best impression of a very cool and handsome pre-teen). Joining Noah and Erin is Aaron "A," so named to differentiate him from Erin "E" when they have the same teacher in school.

Here is Aaron looking less like a bug and more like the handsome young man he is:

I have casually checked our family's horoscopes a couple of times a week for years (maybe even decades). I started looking over them when the local paper added them to the comics page. I read both for laughs. The problem is that for Erin's whole life, I have checked her horoscope as Cancer, not Gemini. I'm not sure how I got it wrong, but today when I received an email from cancer mom, fellow-Gemini Margot Hutchinson (see her lovely son, Sam's, website here), I figured out Erin's Not Cancer. She's Gemini. Doesn't Gemini sound so much better than Cancer? So much better, in fact, that I will assume it's a sign to be taken literally as well as astrologically.

So, what's your sign? Erin's is Not Cancer. I hope all the children with cancer learn that they are really Geminis today.

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