Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Inside the Beltway

June 27, 2007

No one, and I mean NO ONE, likes to read vacation blogs, so I'm going to spare you all but the barest details of our DC trip. I can tell you that even the willful Willie missed us and is now lying obediently at my feet, patiently waiting for a gentle stroke or kind word which, he has discovered in our absence, is all he really needs to survive in this world (well, that and a little woodwork to nibble).

Here is a list of things we did:
  1. Marine Corp Evening Parade
  2. Museum of Natural History (two trips)
  3. The Smithsonian Castle
  4. Afternoon with the Edwards
  5. National Zoo
  6. International Spy Museum
  7. Eight Congressional Office Visits (2 Senators and 6 Representatives)
  8. Capital Tour--led by Congressman Chet Edwards (with hide-and-go-seek in Statuary Hall. . .Mr. Burke of North Dakota is "home base".)
  9. On the House floor with Chet during an actual vote! Wow! Democracy in Action!
  10. White House Tour (Erin refused to look at any photos showing the current administration.)
  11. Supreme Court (the building not the justices)
  12. Reach the Day Rally in Senate Park
  13. Photo Op with Senator John Cornyn on the Capital Steps to Celebrate the Newest Co-Sponsor of the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act of 2007
  14. And, so the list won't end on unlucky thirteen, we ate twelve meals, took six Metro subway rides and three Capital Hill subway rides, walked a marathon (estimate), and managed to sleep soundly every night.
Ian, Erin, Chet, Adam, and Nico on our actual office visit.

A rousing game of Hide-and-Go-Seek in Statuary Hall. Adam and Erin made it back to base. Nico is still hiding.

Okay, we also went to the World Children's Festival and added to the 60 by 40 foot mural of the United States made entirely out of Legos.

We didn't actually "Reach the Day," but we did add co-sponsors and raised the probability that the bill will actually get referred out of committee for a floor vote later this year. Like everything else with cancer Nothing is Certain, But We Always Have Hope.

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