Thursday, July 10, 2008


July 10, 2008

One of our close NB friends, Ryan "Batman" Williams had an unexpectedly quick decline and this horrible disease snatched another best-beloved boy from us yesterday. We have got to work harder to protect our children!

Go Batman Go! Bam! Zowie! Kapow!


The Buengers head for Pittsburgh tomorrow, bright (and don't know why pre-dawn would be considered bright) and early (but I do know why it would be considered early). We should have been packing this morning, but instead, Erin and I went with the Carpenter's Kids to Royal Oaks Alpaca farm. What I didn't know about alpacas before this morning would fill a ditch (like the Grand Canyon). Here are two pics. One with Erin feeding a three month old baby alpaca. The other with Erin making covered soap with alpaca fiber and wool.

One more dose of Irinotecan and then nine days off. We probably shouldn't be flying commercial, with all the germ potential those high-use planes have, but I think I'll just take a lot of hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes. Erin hasn't complained of GI problems during this cycle, but she had some tiredness that she doesn't like. She's says sometimes she's tired even when I'm not asking her to do chores. I hope this doesn't become a repeating problem. During the summer there's plenty of time to rest, but once the school year starts, it will make her very mad if she doesn't have the energy to do what she wants.


  1. Belated Happy Birthday to Erin. She has the most beautiful smile. Love all the photos.
    Mara Stiles
    New Jersey

  2. I'm willing to bet Erin has 10x more energy than me, even when she's tired. Such a cutie, and so full of life. Enjoy your trip!


  3. There is an alpaca farm a few blocks from my house too. They are so funny! Have a great trip and enjoy your summer! On Google Earth I looked up your town and I'm pretty sure I found your house. It's a nice area. Best wishes,

  4. Good Look, and praying that Erin has toons more of energy!