Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Erin's First Snow

December 10, 2008

Erin experienced snow for the first time in her life today (she can cross that off her life list, if you consider the pathetic little snow we had in today a SNOW).

Chemo (the old standby, the topless cyclone) starts tomorrow and continues through Monday. We have playdates arranged for every day except Sunday. Call me if Sunday fits your schedule.


  1. Yeah! She finally saw snow!!! That's a pretty sweet snowball, also!

    It snowed in Dallas last night for about 30 min or so. Just enough for us to go running out.

    Good luck on the next round. We'll be thinking of you!

  2. Hey! Pathetic? I thought tonight's snow was great! It was a first for Dustin, too. ( Jason and I got into a pretty good snowball fight once in Lubbock.) Personally, I was tickled at the sheer number of snowmen that lined our street.

  3. The grass looks really green under that snow! We have 22 inches of the lovely white stuff for the month of December. It is early, so I am still enchanted with the winter wonderland. Tommorow is the full moon which is always awesome with the snow. I open all the curtains/blinds at nights and everything is just glowing and shadowy. Come February cabin fever sets in and then it's just a frozen hell!
    ~Shea (the one in Wisconsin, not the incompetent desk clerk!)

  4. We've got a BIG full moon casting shadows on the snow up here in Minnesota. Hope you enjoyed it, Erin! Jane