Friday, January 9, 2009

Soliciting Opinions

January 9, 2009, Part II

Read the first post of the day below and then leave me a suggestion about what I should do with Walter out of town, Davis at college, and Erin at a sleepover with what could be my first evening home alone in a decade.


  1. Come and have a sleepover with your sister!?!

  2. Open a bottle of wine of course! Have a fancy dinner delivered (fancy can mean a pizza wih more than one topping) and start a good book that you've been waiting to read. Oh and RELAX.

  3. Wine, good book, and music that will take you back!
    Enjoy!(or go sleepover at your sisters-that's always a winner)
    Shea VB

  4. Hmm, sorry that you guys didn't get your first choice in trials ... Both CEP-701 and ABT-751 seem fairly common, however. If Erin is accepted into the ABT-751 trial, where will she be treating?

    And it's pretty late into the night at this point, so whatever you ended up doing, I hope that it was relaxing and enjoyable :)

  5. Well it is a bit late in the night but I would suggest taking a bubble bath and afterwards curl up and read the book that you have been meaning to read but haven't got around to it quite yet.

  6. Too late to weigh in, but would vote for bath, wine, music...

    what did you do with yourself?

    It is so aggravating to wait 21 days b/w treatments. What trial are you going with?