Thursday, April 9, 2009

Erin Buenger

April 9, 2009

Erin died gently this morning at about 8:30. I can't say that she ever ignored her cancer, but rather she lived large with it for 82 months. Walter and I will let you know what happens next, when we figure it out.


  1. What a beautiful Angel in heaven! God Bless Erin, and all of your family!

    Margie (Kat's friend)

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Erin was so beautiful. A friend of your sister's told me about your daughter this morning. I am truly sorry.

  3. This is a terrible shock. I have been following Erin for a while now, and she reminds me so much of myself at her age. I am so sorry for this loss and for your family. You seem like great people and it's just not fair that this had to happen. I'm so sorry.

  4. oh vickie, walter and davis. i'm so sorry.

  5. My prayers are with all of you. Erin was such a special girl.

  6. I am so sorry for your loss. I have been following Erin's blog through Riley Mika's blog. Erin is such an awesome little girl! You will all be in my prayers.

    Brenham, TX

  7. I am so sorry. I am in shock. I check Erin's blog at least daily. What an amazing person she was. What a great world we would have if everyone was as enthusiastic about life as Erin. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. (Everytime I took my children to UPA I looked around for Erin hoping to run into ya'll.)
    May she rest in peace.

  8. Vickie, Davis and Walter -- we love you all and will keep you in our prayers.

    We love Erin and will miss her terribly!

  9. My heart breaks for all of you. I am so very sad. Thank you for sharing your beautiful angel with us. She will never be forgotten.

    Sending many hugs to you. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


  10. I am so sorry for you loss! Erin will be greatly missed! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

  11. I am so heartbroken to read of Erin's passing. You certainly have a beautiful angel watching over you now. So many have been inspired by her and more will continue to be. I'm sending endless prayers your way.

    Erin has always reminded me of Christi a little bit. I'm sure they've found each other by now.

  12. Vickie, Walter and Davis...we are so sorry for your loss. Erin's beautiful smile will remain with us always and you all will remain in our hearts and prayers.

    Love, Sam, Jacob, and Ryan

  13. I'm so sorry for your loss. Despite my short encounter with Erin, her smile will always remain in my heart.


  14. Vickie,

    I am in tears reading this.

    I cannot find the words right now but please know that I am holding your hand from afar, mom to mom.

  15. I am so so very sorry that Erin has passed away. I have read about Erin for a long time after Pat Lacey mentioned how cool, amazing, and wonderful your daughter was. It didnt take me long to figure that out on my own after reading your stories. I am so achingly sad for you- her amazing parents and all those who knew and loved her. Thoughts and prayers for all 4 of you.

    Carrie Palmer (NB mom to Max, 4) Boston

  16. Not at all what I was expecting when I came here today. Like everyone else I am so sorry to hear of your loss. She is a beautiful angel. Praying for your peace and comfort as you make the arrangements and lay her to rest. Elaine

  17. Walter and Vickie,

    I am so, so sorry. She was a truly beautiful, special angel here and will be forever a beautiful angel watching over us. She made an eternal impact here with her happy, sweet spirit, her selfless friendship, and her fight for important causes. Her life will always be a true, pure example to us all. Our hearts break for you.

    Know that we love you,

    Reeves Family

  18. Dear Buenger Family,

    I am so sorry to hear about Erin. We have another Angel in heaven that was taken away entirely to soon. I will keep your family in my prayers.

  19. I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with all of you.

  20. Oh I am so sorry. She was so RADIANT!! I am so sorry for you all.
    Beth S.

  21. Vickie and Family,

    I'm so sad, I will miss her. There's a song that reminds me of Erin and her beautiful smile that she never let go of...Steven Curtis Chapman wrote it for his niece when she passed on...With Hope.

    This is not at all how
    We thought it was supposed to be
    We had so many plans for you
    We had so many dreams
    And now you've gone away
    And left us with the memories of your smile
    And nothing we can say
    And nothing we can do
    Can take away the pain
    The pain of losing you, but ...

    We can cry with hope
    We can say goodbye with hope
    'Cause we know our goodbye is not the end, oh no
    And we can grieve with hope
    'Cause we believe with hope
    (There's a place by God's grace)
    There's a place where we'll see your face again
    We'll see your face again

    And never have I known
    Anything so hard to understand
    And never have I questioned more
    The wisdom of God's plan
    But through the cloud of tears
    I see the Father's smile and say well done
    And I imagine you
    Where you wanted most to be
    Seeing all your dreams come true
    'Cause now you're home
    And now you're free, and ...

    We have this hope as an anchor
    'Cause we believe that everything
    God promised us is true, so ...

    So we can cry with hope
    And say goodbye with hope

    We wait with hope
    And we ache with hope
    We hold on with hope
    We let go with hope

    Sweet, beautiful Erin...we will miss you terribly...we love you and your mom who we got to know so well...

    Today is sad, tomorrow there is hope...

    Sarah Watson

  22. The DeAtley ClanApril 9, 2009 at 2:16 PM

    While Josh, the boys and I are heartbroken, we are also rejoicing because we had Erin in our lives for the past few years. She has taught us so much about living. What a remarkable little human you guys produced. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  23. We are so sorry about your loss. We loved Erin. You are in our thoughts and prayers. I will think of Erin each time I walk down the Inquire hallway.
    -Sandy and Family

  24. Vickie, Walter, & Davis

    I just wanted yall to know that you are in our prayers. I know that she is so happy that she can run and play soccer again with no pain no cancer. Those buetiful eyes and huge smile that lit up the room. She is so loved and will be miss. Our hearts ache for you. WE love you all

  25. I have no good words for this terrible loss. You didn't have her long but you had the very best. I will never forget her courage and your generosity in sharing her with all of us. What an amazing gift she was to so many people!Vickie,Walter Davis, love to you all, Lois

  26. Dear Buenger Family,
    Sarah, above, mentioned the song, With Hope. This song ministered to me when we lost our son Joshua 5 years ago. It's an awesome song and I hope it brings you comfort too. I am so very sorry you are walking this excrutiatingly painful path. But I know God is smiling on you and saying, "Well done my good and faithful servants." You lived life to the fullest with Erin and gave her everything within your capabilities to make her life complete. Although I only knew your family through this blog, I still know how beautiful and amazing Erin was. She indeed made this world a much better place! And now today she is whole and healthy, smiling, and spreading her love and cheer in heaven.
    Holding you close in prayer,
    Kim... mom of an angel in heaven

  27. Words cant describe my sorrow for your family. God bless you all.

  28. What a precious child. Erin was and is beautiful in every way possible. Heaven's angels are celebrating today as Erin joins them with her infectious smile. How fortunate I am to have met Erin several months ago at a Candlelighters Fundraiser. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry.

  29. Oh my God. I am in utter shock, disbelief and tears. Erin??? :-( I am so very very sorry Vickie Walter, and Davis.
    I dont understand. What a beautiful Angel in Heaven.
    God bless you Erin

  30. No words can express the sorrow I feel, but I'm oh so glad that this world was able to experience Erin as much as she experienced the world. What a vibrant little lady you were able to share life with, albeit for much too short a time.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  31. "Life is eternal, and love is immortal,
    and death is only a horizon;
    and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight."
    ~Rossiter Worthington Raymond

    Erin, you may be out of site, but you are never out of mind or heart.

    I am so sorry for you loss. My heart is with you and your family today.

  32. Davis, Vickie and Walter:

    My prayers continue to be with you all from afar. She was such a blessing to everyone she met, and the bravest young lady I have ever had the privilege to know.

  33. I am so sorry for your loss. Erin's beautiful smile always brought a smile to my face. I am keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    -Krista Tam

  34. Vickie, Walter, and Davis -

    I just wanted to add an addendum to my previous post. Another poster said with keen insight that she was glad that "this world was able to experience Erin as much as she experienced the world". Erin taught our family MUCH about experiencing life around her in a wholehearted, meaningful way. I have said it before, but you three did a remarkable job raising her. Ever since we've known her, I have been in awe of the wonderful, beautiful person she was and the unparalleled way you raised her. I am forever grateful and proud to know her and you all. She is my hero.

    Always love,

    Kimberly Reeves

  35. I'm so sorry :(. Erin was such a positive and beautiful girl!

  36. Heaven's a lucky place today. May peace be with you. Angela Degelman

  37. Vickie,

    I am so, so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Even though I never got to meet Erin in person, her story was such an inspiration for us going through Carlie's battle with NB. Thank you for sharing her story and with such great humor and wit. She was a beautiful, awesome young lady.

    Charon Edgington

  38. I am so sorry for your loss, I don't know what to say except that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Erin was a very exceptional young lady who will be missed by so many, especially Sam who has been at a loss in what to say or do these last few months.

  39. I am so sorry. Erin seemed like she was full of spunk. My prayers go out to you and all other kids with this awful disease.

  40. I am so very sorry for your loss! Erin was an amazing little girl!! My kids and I will ride the Thunderbolt in her honor this summer! God Bless!! God has another amazing Angel!!
    Shari Rich
    Pittsburgh, PA

  41. We're so sorry Vickie & Walter. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. We'll always remember her as a ray of sunshine. She brightened any room she walked into. We will miss her!

    Love and hugs,
    The Guerrieris

  42. Vickie, Walter and Davis,
    We are so very sorry.
    We feel so fortunate to have known Erin. She was a remarkable girl.
    We love you,
    Carla and Larry

  43. Dear Walter, Vickie, and Davis,

    My prayers, tears, and love are with you. May you find comfort in each other, in God, and in the knowledge that Erin lived more fully than most people ever do--and lives still more fully now.

  44. Dear Vickie, I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of your incredible daughter Erin. I wish to express my heartfelt sympathy for you and your family. Wishing you strength and peace at this difficult time. You are in my thoughts and in my prayers. Peter Drysdale

  45. Vicki, Walter & Davis,
    You are in our thoughts and prayers right now.
    Deb, Paul, Abigail & Elizabeth

  46. I'm soo so sorry. My heart just breaks for your family. I'm praying that your beatiful family finds peace.
    Kim Kow

  47. It is so hard when God needs someone we love in Heaven right away.

    I have loved and been blessed by Erins' spirit, determination and joy since Kat introduced me to this blog last year.

    She has been an inspiration for me as have you. Your generosity sharing her with us all has been amazing.

    May grace, comfort and peace be with you as you say good bye to her body. She will live on in many hearts but most of all in yours.


    Kym (Kat and Emma's friend)

  48. You do not know me but I've followed Erin's brave battle for a while but most recently I have prayed so hard for her and I cannot believe the news. I am so so sorry she is an inspiration to all and will never be forgotten xox

  49. Jackson Reed RossApril 9, 2009 at 4:44 PM

    I'm soooooo sorry and I want you to know that I feel your pain, we all do. Erin is in a better place now and she won't hurt any more. Again, I'm terribly sorry.

    Erin's Good

  50. Our lives are forever changed because Erin was a part of it.

    Janice,David,Tonie, Jessica, and Rachel

  51. I am in tears here at my desk, BUT then I think of Erin - well and strong now - and I have to smile thru the tears. You are all in my prayers. Jenny in Idaho

  52. I am just a follower of this blog about your beautiful girl. Sharing her incredible life with everyone is a wonderful gift, for those you are close to and those you've never met. I will continue to pray for you as I've been praying for Erin.

  53. Oh that smile! And always a twinkle in her eye! She was a blessing to all her met her, and how we will miss her! My heart aches for an angel taken too soon, and my prayers are with you Vickie, Walter, and Davis.

    With love,

  54. Vickie & family,

    Erin definitely made the world a better place and we were blessed to know her. Sending you our love and prayers during this difficult time.

    Denise Lumpee & family

  55. Buenger family,
    I just found your blog today, and what sad news. I'm so sorry for your loss and will be praying for you all. I am one of her nurses from St. Joseph's. Erin was one of my very first patients 6 yrs ago when she was first diagnosed. She made quite an impression on me, and I will never forget her. She was truly a special girl.

  56. Hello,
    I have never met you but we are also part of the TCH NB community. Several months ago I came upon your blog and have been keeping up with Erin since then. Please know I am thinking of you and your family is in my prayers.
    Claire Rider (Mom to Patrick)

  57. Vickie, sending my love and prayers of comfort to you, Walter, Davis and Moo.


  58. I have used up at least half a box of Kleenex since reading your update. How can I cry so hard over someone I have never met? I guess kindred hearts know no distance.

    I also send my compassion and prayers to Davis; I try to think about how our 19-year old Nathan would be feeling if Sarah had died and I can't even find the thoughts to describe it.

    I know Davis will miss his little sister and his partner in crime and giggles.

    Love and prayers from another NB mom,

  59. erin was one of my best friends i remember the first time i met her jackson and i played baseball and erin was so excited because she got to play soccer again and the day before she was in the smile of the day for the eagle. she was cheering us on that day we won our game and because it was the last game we all went to cici's and ate pizza.
    i also recently joined the inquire academy with erin,jackson,and aaron i remember the first day we went into our classes erin was in my 6th period class and we were the only people who knew each-other but everyone made friends quickly.
    then at Jackson's birthday party he turned 12 we all played together and made many fun and un-forgetful memories.

    I'm am sorry for the loss it has impacted the best of us. we will remember erin but now she is in a better place she will be a beautiful angel
    your friend and love,
    TJ ,Smith

  60. Vickie, Walter and Davis-

    I am so sorry to hear that Erin lost her battle to this horrible disease. She was an inspiration to me and I am a much better person and nurse for knowing and loving her as well as all of you. I am sending you all love, hugs and prayers. I wish I was there to support you all during this difficult time.


    NB Hope forever

  61. Vickie, Walter & Davis~
    Thank you so much for so generously sharing Erin with us all. Our lives have been enriched, but our hearts are still breaking. We will continue to pray for your family.
    Kim, Matthew & Jack

  62. I'm so sorry. She was an amazing person. I just can't believe this. Praying for you all.

    Stephanie Morris

  63. I'm so sorry to hear about beautiful angel Erin. She was so strong, and my thoughts and prayers are with you always.

    xoxo Julia

  64. I am so sorry. Words don't do justice to Erin's beauty, grace, and vitality of spirit. She was born with a glow, and she wore it well.


  65. Dear Vickie, Walter and Davis,
    I have been praying very hard that Erin's health would turn around. I'm so sorry for your great loss. Your girl was incredible. She was a wise, kind and caring young lady. I just keep thinking that the impact of your loss is incalculable, not only to your family and your community, but to the world at large. There is no telling what Erin would have done had she more years. She has already done so much and left a huge impact on all of our hearts. We will all live better lives by remembering her example. But, oh, how I wish she could have been spared.
    With much love,
    Lara, Kevin Elle and Hans Weberling

  66. My son was in several classes with Erin this year. He spoke of her often. She made such an impact on the lives of those blessed to meet her. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  67. While it will be your most difficult Easter ever know that it will be Erin's best ever. It is not often that we can say we are better people for having someone walk through our lives but, with Erin, we are all so much better and richer for her to have walked, even so shortly, through our lives! Joseph, Jim and I will continue to keep you all in our prayers.


  68. The world now seems a darker place without Erin's bubbly smile and personality here with us to illuminate our way...

    Your baby sister loves you so very much and I will be there Saturday afternoon to tell you so in person!!

    Love to all the Buengers and to Moo!!

  69. I am so sorry. I don't even know what to say. I will miss her and never forget her beautiful smile. I am honored to have known her. Only a short while ago we sat together during chemo. I will never forget those times. I am so sorry and I am praying for you all. It is a sad day in the NB world.

  70. Erin's smile will stay with me for a long time. I am so sorry for your terrible loss, her beautiful spirit will be sadly missed by many

  71. Words won't come....just huge hugs for you all! We love you...

    Kathy and Rusty

  72. God bless.
    Thinking of you.
    MK in Ohio

  73. I saw your blog URL on NanyBratt's Facebook and I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss. God must have needed Erin for something really important in heaven.

    I want to thank Erin for reminding me that I should be grateful to be alive. I was 6 when I was diagnosed with Wilms tumor, I almost died on Christmas day on the operating table, I saw Heaven but my time hadn't come yet to go Home. My battle took 2 years because of dr's mistake but I'll battle the consequences of this mistake for the rest of my life, it's not an enjoyable life but there is nothing that can be done to reverse the mistake, there is nothing that can remove the suffering, but you know, life goes on and I'm going to do my hardest to enjoy my life as much as I can.

    I'm turning 33 years old in a couple of weeks and I still feel a wave of guilt wash over me when I hear about a child dying from cancer. For some reason I don't feel guilty now, I feel grateful that I am alive, I can wait for the day when it's my time to go to Heaven whenever that will be, I know it's there, I know that's where I'll go.

    I wish I had had the priveledge to get to know this precious angel.
    I'm going to read this blog

    She's not suffering anymore, her fragile body can rest now and her spirit fly free.

    You're all in my thoughts and prayers,

    Love and angel hugs
    Iris (from Iceland)

  74. i am at a loss for words. erin is one of "my" fave kids. you are all in my thoughts and prayers. i'm making a post on the blogathon page as well.

    much love to you! erin WILL NEVER be forgotten!

    Nikki from the blogathon

  75. In this last year I have read about too many beutiful, loving witty kids being taken from thier familys. Erin will never be forgotten, her smile will always be remembered along side with all her amazing stories...
    Praying hor God to ease the pain that all of you are going threw. lots of love and tears from Brasil
    Talita Calebs mom

  76. Dear Vickie, Walter, Davis, Moo, Aunt Kat, and Aunt Elizabeth: Jean just e-mailed with the news. Erin shined: she was both brilliant and radiant! I am so very sad to hear the news of her passing. Steve and Ana Sofia join me in sending all of you our love.


  77. The stars will shine brighter tonight, but not without thousands of tears shed because we are missing the LIGHT here on earth....

    God bless you from Alaska...L

  78. I've been a closet Erin fan for quite some time and have followed your story but never posted. What a terrible shock. Erin was such a beautiful, beautiful girl. There are no words.

    Erin, I hope Christi and Katie and all the other angels met you at the pearly gates and that you are all having a splendid time getting acquainted. You were such a fantastic kid. I wish I had the courage you did!

    All the best.


    How can this be????


    I am so sorry and the whole world grieves a great and terrible and cruel loss...

    Sweet Erin!!!!!

  80. Our hearts hurt for your family. It is hard to believe that a child that exuded life as Erin did would be taken so young. She is an incredible example for all of us, young and old. She will never be forgotten. God bless you all, our prayers are with Davis, Vickie and Walter.

    the Shea's

  81. I had hoped I'de never see this post. Through your blog I have come to know Erin, what a joy and a light she was on this earth. May it be a small comfort for you to know there are many many people out here who's prayers are with you all. Karen Milano & family

  82. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I have been following your blog for a while now from Will Lacey's. Erin seemed to have such a sparkle about her. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  83. I am so very, very sorry for your loss. I have been praying for Erin for sometime. She is an inspiration! I continue to pray for you all as you grieve.

  84. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet girl. Prayers to your family.

  85. I too have been a closet Erin fan for quite some time . I came home from work tonight and her blog was the first website I brought tears to my eyes to read this news. I have fallen in love with Erin though this blog. I am so amazed with her strength at such a young age. I am 24 and not sure I could ever be as strong as she was. She is truly an inspiration to so many people. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    Mollie (from Kansas City)

  86. Dear Vickie and Walter and Davis,

    We are so sorry to hear of Erin's passing. Charlie went to preschool with Erin, in Mrs. Dawson's class, and he remembers her so fondly. We are keeping you family in our thoughts and prayers.

    The Morey family.
    Les, Janice, Charlie, and Jack

  87. I've grown to love this little girl I never met. I am so so sorry.
    Shea VB

  88. I have been following this blog for a long time now. I had no idea that she was close to leaving us. I thought that she was getting better. I am so sorry for your loss and will keep your family in my prayers!

  89. I am so very sorry. I wish my words could express my sorrow.
    Neil & Margot

  90. I have been following your blog for some time now and have fallen in love with your family and Erin. My prayers are with you. May God hold you in his hands today and always.

  91. My heart breaks for you and your family. My prayers are with all of you that you too may find peace as Erin has. God Bless. From Philadelphia.

  92. What can I say? I am so glad we were able to make some wonderful memories with Erin. Her laughter, strength and creativity will always be with us...always.

    With love,


  93. Light a candle for Erin & her family:

    ~Nikki from the Blogathon

  94. I am so sorry for the loss you have sustained. I cannot imagine how you are feeling right now. All I can tell you is to stay strong and try not to cry to much. To have had Erin walked into my life for even this short period of time, it has made me see what a good person is. I was hoping that this would never happen, and I cannot express how sorry I am for you in just words. Erin was an inspiration to everybody, and everyday that I went to school, I was hoping I would see her. She has joined the other beautiful angels in heaven, and she perceives no more pain. Be thankful that you had a daughter like Erin, be thankful that you were fortunate enough to ever have had her walk into your life, as I know me, her friends, and her parents are. She was a friend of mine, and I wish I could have gotten to know her better than I had. She was a very intelligent, beautiful, athletic, funny, and nice girl, a one in a million kind of person. All the people who knew Erin will miss her terribly. May god be with you.

  95. I'm sorry for your loss. I don't know you, someone posted a link to your blog on a message board. I just wanted to say Erin has the most beautiful smile.

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  98. Oh, Vickie...I knew this day could come, but I never expected it. Erin was truly life itself personified. She's the most amazing kid I've ever met. Who else could have inspired a congressman to be a visual aid? I have no doubt she changed the world and everyone she met for the better. I am so sorry for you all. Thanks to you, Walter, and Davis for sharing her with the rest of us.

    Laura Kendrick

  99. So very sorry for the loss of your most special girl.

  100. Oh Buenger's, I didn't know my heart could be broken twice. We are so sorry. Not Erin!!!! I know she was welcomed by a chorus of her NB friends heaven, and I'm glad that our Max will be learning how to make such cool beading projects from her.
    The Mikulak's
    Andy, Melissa, Hannah, Max in heaven, Nic

  101. A nurse once told me that children like Max and Erin have a flame that burns much more intensely, drawing all of us in. But, oh, when their light vanishes from our sight, we feel the darkness so much more acutely. My prayers are with you. I'm so sorry!

  102. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

    Ashley Johns

  103. May Erin's soul rest in peace...


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  105. I am so sorry for your loss. What was said just above is so true; she had such an intense affect on so many, that her loss has created a huge, ugly hole in our hearts.

    Davis, Vickie, Walter, I am so sorry for your loss.

  106. Erin will be forever in my heart. She will never be forgotten. There are reminders of her everywhere I look; Scrabble, Gina's, cute dogs like Teddy, soccer, red hair, the color green, good books, good movies, my lanyard. I will always think of her with her gracious smile, and I will miss her. But when I think of her smile, I will smile. I will smile at the precious memories I will always have of her. Thank you for sharing her with us. She was a true blessing and a shining light. I will love her always.....

  107. There truly are no words....Erin was an amazing young lady and will be missed not only by those that knew her but by those of us who were inspired by her from afar.
    With Hope,
    Abra McKean
    Mommy to the Superhero Nate McKean

  108. I followed Erin's blog thru fellow cancer cutie, Riley Mika's blog. Your daughter touched so many lives and I am sure that even in her passing, she will continue to touch lives. My thoughts and prayers are with you through this difficult time.

  109. IM SO SO SO SORRY for your loss i didnt know Erin very long but the little time that i had with her was very nice..... i wont forget her
    again sorry :(
    -Kaitlyn Brock- Jane Long

  110. I'm one of your "lurkers" - Bubba and I were good friends in high school and I have checked Erin's blog every day for the past couple of years. What an inspiration she was to so many and she touched so many lives in her time here. My heart is breaking for you, but as someone else has said earlier here, thank you for sharing her with all of us. She made a difference.

  111. Vickie, Walter,Davis, and Family...
    We have had the beautiful pleasure of knowing Erin for 6 years and love her dearly! She is a light to us all and an inspiration on how to live life to the fullest. Colton and I were talking about the "PPR" Gang. All the great times behind Branch! She is in heaven talking away with Jesus. May God continue to hold you in His care and comfort you! Love to you all!
    The Lilie Family
    Beverly, Kenton, Colton, and Weston

  112. I live on the east coast, and first became aware of Erin via Will's father's blog. Please know that there are people who never knew her in person that cried today. Through your posts I greatly admired her spirit, spunk and determination. Your daughter showed more strength than I can ever hope to. You and Erin are in my thoughts and prayers.

  113. So sorry about your sweet little one! My prayers are with you.

  114. Tonight my heart is breaking for your loss, but I am so grateful you shared your daughter's journey through this blog. I cannot tell you how many times I've giggled over a particularly witty thing she said, and it goes without saying that her smile was infectious and brightened any day. Erin's enthusiasm for life was evident and inspirational, and her service through her lanyard project was absolutely remarkable. I wish you Christ's peace in this difficult time.

  115. Vickie, Walter & Davis –

    Even Erin, Scrabble-Mistress Supreme, would have to agree that there really aren’t sufficient words for the pain and darkness in this world tonight. (But that doesn’t stop us from trying.) A brilliant light that gave not only warmth and illumination, but vision to move forward with gusto, joy, anticipation, hope – this was Erin and tonight she has left us; but her vision remains in the memory of how she lived/consumed life so completely.

    I never had the opportunity to meet Erin in person, but I have followed the Buenger family, prayed, cried and rejoiced with you from the very beginning of this journey. Kathy Sustaire called me to pray when you made the first trip to Houston, before the official diagnosis in the July of 2002. (Vickie, you may recall that a stranger called you at TCH when Erin was in surgery that December – that was me - it had gone too long and no one I could find knew anything, so I tracked you down just as she was in recovery.) Erin, and your original e-mails and website sucked me into the ‘Erin Zone’ and I quickly discovered how amazing this family was! (Have you counted how many times that word, ‘amazing’ appears in the comments?)

    Erin has taught so many of us what a gift this life is and how to live with gratitude. She seemed to know, from the very beginning, how to make her own life richer and fuller by giving back to others. At times I have been ashamed, embarrassed and always challenged. Your feisty little red-head taught so many people, many times her age.

    Vickie, Walter and Davis, you have also given us many, many lessons. Your openness, humor and honesty have been phenomenal. As so many have said…‘Thank you for sharing’ – your strength, your fears, your loves and dislikes, your lives, and of course, Erin.

    You will all remain in my prayers. May you find comfort in memories, friends, family, faith, and in each other. As our Creator has already embraced Erin and restored her with a whole and healthy body to match her spirit, may each of you also feel the warmth and comfort of His embrace as He carries you through these days ahead. He will show you how to live in a world apart from your Erin.

    With much love, respect and prayers,

    Ann Marie Vick

  116. Our hearts ache with yours, what a beautiful angel among us. We pray Our Lord gives you His Strength and comfort and guidance. God Bless, our deepest sympathies, Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

  117. I just wanted to stop by and give you my deepest sympathy on the passing of your daughter. Today (technically yesterday) April 9th is the worst day in the world for me. I lost my little boy Tyler 1 year ago today. I was so sad to hear of another angel. Your journey isn't going to be easy as I'm sure you already know, but it is very important that you talk to others if you need. Your little girl is beautiful! Heaven only accepts the best.

  118. I keep coming back thinking that I was at the wrong place, or read wrong. This needs to stop now, yesterday rather. Erin fought boldly on both sides of the battle, and infact, as you said cancer was never completely her- it was raising awareness and stopping it for others that she was passionate about. For that spirit neuroblastoma research is in an entirely different place already.

    Vickie, Walter, Davis, Luke, Willie, KM, and Teddy, I am so sorry for the loss of such a bright star.

  119. Dear Vickie, Walter & Davis,
    So very very sorry for your loss of Erin. I can't believe she went so quickly! I am coming to Texas tomorrow; and I will get in contact! God, will certainly embrace such a darling,bright, smiley angel in heaven! I love the picture you posted "cannonballing" into the water! What life! What Verve! and What a smile! She will be most sorely missed by all of us in the "cyber" neuroblastoma family extended and all! But,most of all' I cry for you,Vickie, Walter and Davis! Such a red headed doll! Deepest Condolences,
    "Sam's Gram" Sara Maley

  120. I have been a lurker on Erin's page as well as Will and Max and Luke and Super Ryan and many others. They are all very special truly sent from God children. I check in on them everyday and it was such a shock to hear Erin was gone so quickly. I pray for all the children and for a cure. May god bless you all and give you peace as you grieve the lost of such a wonderful beautiful child. God bless you all!
    Lisa B

  121. i'm yet another lurker who's only signed a few times over the years. i had a feeling erin might be leaving us soon due to her weight loss, but with the family's upbeat and uncomplaining attitude it was still a shock. i am so jealous of those who got to meet her. i know now because of erin that there is such a lack of funding specific for neuroblastoma research and that kids are taking the same medications they were many years ago for nb..that is crazy and i hope people will be inspired to donate to lunch for life or other nb charities.
    i don't believe the soul dies or that life ever really ends and that erin, as someone else said, is somewhere laughing and playing soccer with her red ponytail bouncing around. erin just took an earlier bus, and before she has a chance to miss her family they will be with her. her only sadness now comes from the hurt that others are left with. i hope that davis will be able to enjoy his birthday as erin would have wanted.

  122. Dear Buenger family

    First when I saw the news I had the feeling of 'Oh this cannot be true, not Erin,' I wanted to come back later and see it was just a sick April fool joke ... but it is not.

    I have followed you about a half year and so and it is a shock to me. I knew from your post that Erin was not doing so well but I never saw this coming.

    I am sorry for your loss. Erin made me always smile, she had a good humor and she has made a difference.

    What a beautiful angel in Heaven,

    A lurker reader Trine

  123. So sorry for your loss. There are no words to describe what it must be like. So sorry. Will say a prayer!!!!

  124. Rest in Peace Erin, I'll look for a new star in the sky tonight

  125. I hesitate to leave comment #128 just for fear you won't know how heavy my heart is this morning. I just learned about Erin's passing on the listserv, and I am so very, very sorry. What a beautiful girl through and through. I will be saying prayers for your strength today and everyday. NB is the most evil thing I know, but she was a lucky girl to have such a great mom, dad, and big bro!! Love ya'll! Missy

  126. Vicki, Walter and Davis,

    I am absolutely stunned. So many lives were touched and changed by your beautiful daughter and sister. There truly are no words. Peace and strength to you,
    Jen Click

  127. Your beautiful daughter was such a joy and an inspiration to everyone. I was only blessed to know her for a short time, but she touched my heart with her precious smile from the first day I met her. She had such an exuberant spirit, and she will never be forgotten.
    Thank you for sharing her with me, I will carry the joy of her memory with me always.

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    God Bless,

    -Lauren May
    (Methods/Student Teacher in Inquire at JLMS)

  128. The world is a darker place. Erin has such a beautiful smile and my heart is breaking for you.

    May you find peace in the fact that she touched and inspired so many all over the world with her courage and positivity.

  129. Erin lived her life with dignity and grace. Her beautiful smile and sparkling eyes will always shine. I will miss the Erin updates but rejoice in knowing that she no longer suffers from this terrible cancer.
    Heaven is a more beautiful place with her presence. I know that our world here is more beautiful because of her. Thank you for sharing the life of this wonderful girl with us.
    Lisa Csikos

  130. Dear Walter, Vickie and Davis,
    At this moment words fail to express my sympathy for your loss. As word spread quickly around Branch Elementary yesterday, our hearts were flooded with sorrow and concern for your family and Erin's friends. Please know that we too have been forever changed by all of you as you have shown us how to enjoy every possible moment of life. This morning at 4:00 the Lord woke me to again pray for all of you. He is still God and He will carry you through these coming days. When He placed Erin in your home, He entrusted a special treasure. You three have shown yourselves worthy of that trust. As so many others have said, we thank you for sharing Erin with all of us. You could have handled her illness and her story so differently, but your openness allowed all of us to feel a connection with a most amazing little girl.
    With continued prayers for the three of you and for Erin's friends,

  131. Heaven has a beautifal Angel. Prayers your way!

  132. Buengers,

    Erin was such a beautiful and amazing girl! What an incredible job you did as parents. She is such an inspiration to all of us living this NB life--her attitude and zeal for life were amazing. Even though we never got to meet in person I am so glad to have known her. God's peace and strength be with you. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Sarah Thweatt (mom to John)

  133. Erin will always hold an extra special place with our family. We love her beautiful smile and laugh.
    Your in our thoughts and prayers,
    Dean, Lisa, Shannon, Kristen

  134. Shock and great sorrow when I saw the notice in today's Eagle. I am truly sorry for you and your family and for the world that will no longer be privileged to include such a vibrant spirit. May you take some small degree of comfort in knowing that Erin's pain and suffering has been replaced by love and peace. What a tribute to her that you are able to share her story, even in your grief. Nothing short of amazing, just like Erin.

    Sincerest sympathies,
    Shana Hutchins

  135. Offering my deepest, heartfelt condolences on the loss of your daughter. Erin is such a brave and beatiful girl, that is how she will always be. I am forever blessed to know her story.

    It is so hard to understand...and the heart just breaks. The world needs more people like her. In her twelve years, Erin has touched more lives than most EVER will. She is a star! All my love...


  136. Dearest Vicki, Walter and Davis,
    The Miranda family is very sad to read this morning that we have lost lovely Erin. Our fondest memories of her was when she lit up the sidelines at every soccer game!

    God takes the most beautiful flowers for His garden, and Erin was one of the BEST!!

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this time of terrible loss. May you find comfort and peace, as you hold on to the very special memories and example that Erin left for all of us.
    God bless you
    Esther, Vallie, David and Daniel

  137. I never met Erin, but was touched and inspired by her anyway. She seem to embody the idea of being a person who has cancer rather than being a cancer patient to the exclusion of all else. I'm so sorry to hear that she's gone.

    New Jersey

  138. Erin lived more in 11 years than most folks live in 77 - She is a true inspiration - as well as your family - Erin truly made me a better person - thank you for sharing her with us.

    We are so sorry for your loss.

  139. Thank you for letting us get to know your family and Erin, too. Please know you are in our thoughts.

    Lu and Peggy Brannon (from 1st Pres)

  140. I can't believe she is gone. It was such a pleasure to have her as a student. She will always be in my heart.
    -Carol Morris

  141. I never personally met Erin, but I was blessed to hear all about her from my sister, Laura. I can't imagine anyone else who could make the Aggies wear green, bring a Congressman to school as a visual aid, or inspire so many others to give up lunch, walk a relay, or just take a minute & hug their kids. The world will never be the same, because of Erin's presence and spirit. There's a hole in all of our hearts. May the Lord hold you near and grant you comfort and peace.

    Michelle in Dallas

  142. I never met Erin but I have followed her blog for a while. The way she lived reminded me that no matter what is happening in life live it to the fullest. I will miss you Erin! Vicki, Davis, and Walter, you are all in my prayers.


  143. My heart dropped when I read about Erin. I found Erin from Will Lacey's site and was first drawn in by her amazing smile, but then the more I read about her, the more I was in awe of the daughter you and Walter raised. She didn't let cancer stop her from dreaming, playing, and just doing what she set her mind to ... She was taken much, much too soon ... she would have been the BEST president, too. Sending love, prayers, and comforting thoughts to you...

  144. I don't know what to say - I'm sorry doesn't seem like enough.... You'll all be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Erin will always be a bright ray of sunshine for all of us.

    Tami and Chuck Kilgus

  145. Vickie, Tears start to swell remembering meeting Erin. She certainly kept the spunk! Our prayers pour out to you and your family.

    The Sanchez Family

  146. I have followed Erin for quite some time and found out about her through Sarah Smith's site.I was shocked to read this news this morning. I have always been so impressed with Erin and her shiny, positive, yes-face attitude! Such a beauty ~ inside and out. A true inspiration for sure. Please accept my deepest sympathy. I pray for comfort for all of you. God bless you Erin!!

  147. Dear Buenger Family
    I so sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers have been with you and will continue to be with you. I am sure our little girls are together looking down on us with their warm smiles.

    The Mussolini Family

  148. It's amazing to think about how many people are praying. Because of how lives are so connected there are more than you could ever imagine. A friend sent me this text...I was praying for you and Erin and got a really cool picture of Erin running into God's bit arms and Him embracing her, remembering that Erin is his precious child!
    Loren Thornburg

  149. Walter, Vickie, Davis and family,

    We are so sorry for your loss of your sweet, special, precious Erin. She definitely made a mark on this life with all the lives that she touched. I will always remember her strength, perseverance and determination with her soccer playing. She was always smiling and gave great hugs.

    Chuck, Nancy and Kaitlyn Ong

  150. I will never forget you, Erin. You've touched all of your fans in more ways that you will ever know.

    With sympathy,
    Janine Rodriguez

  151. I am truly heart sick to learn that the world has lost Erin. I found her through Will Lacey's web page and have enjoyed reading about her life and adventures. What always stunned me was her ability to smile and thrive in light of such an awful disease. I am so sorry...

  152. my thoughts are with you!

  153. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. We were all blessed by Erin's presence on this Earth. She will be missed!

    Janice Lapaglia

  154. There is nothing anyone can say to make this easier, but I hope you realize how this beautiful little girl touched the hearts of so many people and will continue to do so. We all miss her. My thoughts of love and support go out to the whole family.

  155. Buenger family, we have been following your story since we met you last year at Sea World when we were there for the soccer tournament. We were eating brisket together while the kids had fun visiting with one another between rides and shows.
    Our hearts go out to you. We will be thinking about you this weekend. Erin touched many hearts including ours with her great attitude.

    Amy Riechman

  156. Buenger family, we have been following your story since we met you last year at Sea World when we were there for the soccer tournament. We were eating brisket together while the kids had fun visiting with one another between rides and shows.
    Our hearts go out to you. We will be thinking about you this weekend. Erin touched many hearts including ours with her great attitude.

    Amy Riechman

  157. Thank you for sharing Erin with us. Another NB smile burned into my brain, keeping me motivated to help find a cure.

    My deepest condolences.

  158. Vickie

    I was so sorry to read the news. We send you, Walter, and Davis our deepest sympathies.

    Heaven has gained such a beautiful angel. We will treasure our Erin lanyard and hold it close as a reminder of such a special girl.

    With Love
    Victoria, Jon, Mackenzie & Grace Levi

  159. I am an ovarian cancer survivor and teacher currently on my third recurrence, who has followed Erin through Nancybratt's blog. I'm not sure if cancer makes children more special, or if it picks special children because it is evil - but Erin was special. Of course, we all hoped for a different outcome, but I pray God blesses your family richly, especially in this time of death and resurrection, with the knowledge that she is spending Easter with Jesus.

  160. vickie, i am so sorry. i am just heartbroken to hear this. peace be upon erin and all of you.
    in tears and with love,

  161. Dear Buengers,
    My message is blurred by my tears. I am shocked and deeply saddened. I will pray for you, as I do every night. I can't imagine what you're going through. Erin touched me so deeply, though I never met her. She is an inspiration to me, and I think of her daily, and check her page twice daily. I don't know what to say except that the world was blessed by her mere presence. I know that she will bring spice to Heaven, where she is dancing in the clouds. May God bless you. I will forever be an Erin fan.

  162. Beth Akin "Bakin"April 10, 2009 at 11:54 PM

    I am very sorry for the loss. I loved her like a little sister. Everyday I went into 5th period hoping to see her smiling beautiful face. I have known her since elementary school, and when I first saw her I could not imagine how she felt. I will miss her very much. She was a huge inspiration and contribution to everyone who did and didn't know her.
    Erin Forever-
    Beth Akin "Bakin"
    Erin my BFF 4ever

  163. Erin--
    If I could write you a letter, I would tell you how much fun it was for me to shop for you. I don't really love to shop like Grammy did, but I really enjoyed shopping for you--especially when Shannon helped. So, today, after taking a walk in the hills like we did when you visited us plus a walk on the beach, I went shopping for something red to wear in you honor and memory. I know you liked green--I like green, too--but I like to wear red. Hope that works.
    I love you very much--

  164. I do not know you but I too have been checking your blog for months and to come and find this I am stunned! Erin's contagious smile was usually a daily happy boost for me and I thrived on it! She was truly an amazing girl what a blessing it would have been to actually know her! God bless your family!

  165. I was awake the whole night last night thinking abut sweet Erin, a girl I only knew via the web....but grew to adore just the same. I imagined her up in heaven getting things organized -like the way she organized her legos (a girl after my own heart). Her life and smile touched me so deeply, and I pray that I can live my life with the same zest that she did.

  166. I have been following your blog through Sam Hutchison's and there is no doubt why everyone loves Erin so much. I can only hope your overwhelming loss can be tempered even a little by the knowledge that Erin's life has touched so many-- from those who knew her well, to those of us who witnessed her smile, love and spirit only onscreen. May you find comfort in the love of one another, the love you've shared with Erin, and the love she's shared with us all.

  167. I am very sorry to learn of your family's loss. Erin was a beautiful little girl who touched the lives of many people. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

    Ken Howell and family

  168. I am so sorry for your loss. When I think of her love and her smile. She was the best person I have ever met. Just remember she is with god in heaven. Don't worry, she can now see you for ever. she will never feel pain. She will all ways be in my heart, and so will you. Just don't ponder about her she would not want you to. I will miss her dearly just stand strong, because I know your pain from when my grand-mother had died from colon cancer. I hope you know you had a true angle on Earth.

  169. E-everlasting
    N-never gives up

    This and much more described Erin. She was one in a million.

  170. Hi, This is one of many of Erin's friends. (Maggie) Everybody that She knew at Jane Long wishes that we could have said goodbye, but things like this happen for the best. She is in a place with no more problems or pain. Every time I see, hear, or say Erin's name, i can't help but cry. At Jane Long Middle School, miss her dearly including me. Goodbye Erin.

  171. I am so sorry for your loss. I have recently started following the blogs of children with neuroblastoma and other cancers, and Erin is the first one of the children I have be following who has earned her wings. I hope you and the family and friends of Erin will find piece in your hearts.

  172. As a young girl I adored my daddy. He was a man amongst men and MINE! I knew he loved me more than anything this world could/would offer. One day cancer showed up on our doorstep, within weeks his life (as we know it) dried up. :(

    I have faithfully followed and prayed for Erin over the years. What an honor to be a "silent partner" (had to throw in some business lingo)...knowing the Lord hears our prayers and honors the prayers of His saints. (i'm no saint, but that's where Jesus comes into play!!!) She is/was my kind of gal in many ways. I will sleep peacefully knowing my dad, who hangs out in heaven these days, gave erin a high 5 for a race well run. With that being said---no worries, mate! It gives me comfort knowing my dad is one of many cheering her on for eternity. It's a bummer not being able to hear "play by plays". Surely they are wearing green, right?

    Vickie, Walter and Davis~~you are walking arm and arm with many others and are not alone in your grief. One foot in front of the other for now. Nothing more! erin is worth every tear, moment of sadness, heartache and sorrow. her life wasn't run by the motto "time is money". she was a wonderful, refreshing reminder of the true meaning of life.

  173. I met Erin this school year and was amazed at how much she reminded me of my own daughter and her unflappable optimism. She was truly a bright light.

    She would walk the halls with her wheelie bag and I would want to follow behind her to make sure no one knocked her down but the never did. She was so tiny but you are right, she lived large.

    I am terribly sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine what it feels like to experience this as a parent and my heart hurts for you.

    The world is poorer for her absence.

  174. God Bless You Erin! I hope you find strength Dr.Buenger.

  175. I am so very sorry to read of Erin's passing. It is heartbreaking. A lot of us only knew her through these pages, but it was enough to realize how strong, brave and truly inspirational she was. You are all in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Heaven could not have received a more beautiful angel.

  176. It takes a minute to say hello, but it takes forever to say goodbye. Erin Buenger, You will never be forgotten, You were the smartest girl I had ever met. Every one at Jane Long Middle School feels the pain that the Buenger family feels, because we all knew and loved Erin with all our hearts. I will miss Erin especially, because when ever I was having a bad day, she was there to say it was going to be okay. I think I speak for every one when I say Erin is truly our Angel in the sky.
    -Gabby Hernandez-

  177. Beth Akin "Bakin" (Again)April 14, 2009 at 12:41 AM

    For these past 2 days I have seen and spread many tears, but as I was crying I thought to myself why am I crying? Because in my heart all I knew was that Erin is better and would've never wanted me to cry. Heck she was probably sitting right there telling me it was okay. I know i will probably cry more for the next few days, but I don't want people to feel sorrow for me or anyone that we miss Erin. When a person hugs me because I am crying I want them to be hugging me to tell me that she is okay and is better off because when I cry they are for those reasons.

  178. I am so sorry to hear about Erin's death. I have been following her for months now and I can't tell you how shocked I was when I read this morning that Erin passed away. God Bless your family. There is a new angel in heaven named Erin.

  179. I am so sorry for your loss. Even though I didn't know her I have followed her for many months. I was shocked when I read that she had died. There is a new angel in Heaven, named Erin. God Bless your family.

  180. I am so sorry to hear about Erin's death. I have been following her for months now and I can't tell you how shocked I was when I read this morning that Erin passed away. God Bless your family. There is a new angel in heaven named Erin.

  181. I am so sad for your loss, but at the same time, so happy that God blessed you with the presence of an angel for eleven years. My prayers are with you and your family.

  182. One of your AggiesOctober 7, 2009 at 12:42 AM

    I don't know if you'll ever read this, but one day if you can muster the strength to read all of the wonderful comments people have left about your beautiful daughter, I hope that you realize the impact on the world she made and continues to make. I never met Erin and in fact until today I didn't know her story; however, months after the lord took her into his arms she is still making an impact on this earth. From what I have seen she was a delightful ball of spirit. Thank you for having the courage to face life. For if it were not for you, I would never have learned of the story of your beautiful angel.

  183. "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects , always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails." Corinthians 13:1-8.

    Erin exemplified all of these things and so much more. She was kind, she did not envy, nor did she boast. Was neither proud nor rude, nor self seeking or easily angered. She kept no record of wrongs, never delighted in evil, rather, she always rejoices in truth. She was a protector, full of trust, hope, and perseverance, and she never failed.

    Time will never fade her memory, she will live on in our hearts and help guide us from Heaven, free from the burdens of the world. Erin loved everyone unconditionally, and we all love her just as much, until we meet once more.