Thursday, April 2, 2009

You're Kidding

April 2, 2009

I talked to Erin's local doctor yesterday and really thought he would pause a moment then say "April Fools" after he told me that Erin's hemoglobin was "5."  Instead, he said, "Let's get her crossed and typed today and transfuse her tomorrow."

Despite having half as much oxygen carrying capacity as a normal person, Erin was certain she didn't need to stay home and conserve her energy last night.  Instead, we went to the church for the last session of the School for Christian Living (Spanish for Walter and me, fused glass jewelry for Erin).

I have to say that my life has gotten a lot simpler since my friend and savior Elaine arrived in from Australia.  Not only have I missed her every day since she left town in early December, so just seeing her was terrific, but she stepped right in as our family scheduler (without even pausing to see if she was going to have jet lag or not).  The days have run much more smoothly, and Elaine doesn't seem to mind running interference on the phone for me when Erin would prefer a back rub or game of card instead of listen to me yammer.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about Erin's plans.  When we get up and going today, we'll head to St. Joseph's for packed red blood cells.  I think it will take most of the day.  We will probably replay the plan on Friday, but instead get platelets (remember they were transfusable last week, but we watched them instead of doing anything about them).  Well, they went in the right direction (now up to 25,000) which takes Erin out of danger  and is not officially transfusable, BUT she needs a little dental work to free a stuck baby tooth, so that the adult tooth can come in right, so we'll probably add a bag of platelets in on Friday, just for fun.  Call Elaine (229-9667) if you want to experience the fun with us.  She can set you up.


  1. I'm so glad that Erin felt like attending class. I know she has missed it. She is so creative and artistic.
    What a gift to have a friend like Elaine! She will make your life easier and you will have the pleasure of her company.

  2. I am friends with the Hutchison's. I will mediate for Erin's healing. What a pretty girl. Marcia

  3. This post made my day. Erin out and about again! All of you are constantly, constantly on my mind and in my prayers. If I had been wearing a hat when I read today's post (last night's jewelry class and getting ready for the adult tooth) I would have flung that hat miles into the air.

  4. I'm so glad to hear that Erin was out and about again, too! *Big smiles*

    Kimberly Reeves

  5. I am thinking I need to call Elaine to schedule myself an Erin fix....I haven't seen her in a week. Erin, not Elaine. I have been having the pleasure of catching sight of Elaine at school every day....

  6. I'm so happy to hear that Elaine is there for you and that Erin is out and about!

    Thinking about you everyday. I think we'll send erin a copy of Hugo Cabret because it's so cool, so just let us know if you've read it already. Thanks
    PS I got a muffin pan from Breanna today, so I'll give it to ya the next time I get to see you.

  7. Thanks for letting me come by and visit with y'all at the hospital. I sure needed to lay my eyes on Erin, even if only briefly. Did me a world of good though. I had a little more hitch in my giddy up the rest of the day. Yeehaw~~
    Now lady, get on back to yer blogin' ya hear? It makes folks a right bit fidgity when there ain't no recent updates. Heck, just have Elain do it. She ain't scared of no blog!