Thursday, June 18, 2009


June 18, 2009

I know that you don't actually need reminders, but just in case you know someone who does:
  1. You can still drop off food or beads for the Food and Bead Drive at First United Methodist Church in Bryan (506 E 28th St) tomorrow (Friday) afternoon (1:00-4:00).
  2. You are all invited to the weekly lanyard workshop at my house at 3:00 tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.
  3. There is still time to fill out your Erin's Health Insurance Survey. I know that a lot of your who read this page don't think I am talking to you when I ask for your help with this survey--your kids are healthy, you don't have kids, your kids left home long enough ago that you no longer fear the boomerang, you are perfectly happy with your insurance, you think that I just looking for complainers--but I am talking to you. Please consider taking three to five minutes to click and answer. Click Here to take the survey

This afternoon I received some of the digital images from Erin's cookbook photo shoot. I guess that's my reminder to make guacamole and mandarin orange cheesecake on Saturday.


  1. I'd love to come to the lanyard workshop - wish I weren't so far away...

  2. Ah, those photos are absolutely beautiful! Erin's face is priceless :)

    And we will be filling out the survey ASAP!

    Hope tomorrow is a great Friday, and I'm sad that I can't join in the for the lanyard making...however... I feel that maybe the 15 hour drive may be too much for a one day trip!! Have a great time!!!!

  3. Happy Early Birthday, Erin. I will remember you this June 20th as I celebrate my 27th.


  4. I want you to know that I just was linked to your blog a few days ago from Sarah Smith's blog. I know that you don't know me from Adam. However, I DID just complete the survey. I hope I was helpful in some way.

    Erin's pictures are precious! What a lovely daughter! I would have loved to have met her.

  5. well bluk. 23 hours. that's a long drive. you know i'd be there if i could. i need one more thing to help me avoid the book chapter, conference paper, and proposal i should be writing.. along with the reading i need to be doing. :) besides getting to sit for an afternoon chatting with you and getting to know you in person vickie :) (note playfulness, note - spending a few hours chatting with you and working on lanyards would be the real blessing).

  6. Vickie,

    I love these pictures of Erin and the ones you have posted on the facebook site. Seeing her radiant, sweet, smiling face makes me smile!

    The girls will see you at 3:00 for the lanyard workshop.



    P.S. - I will be thinking of you especially tomorrow on Erin's birthday.

  7. Guacamole! My favorite! Looks so yummy! Miss you, sweet Erin!


  8. Dear Vickie, Yes, darling pictures of Erin and there's that forever smile, "Again!" How can we get a hold of that cookbook with Erin's recipes in it??
    Please forgive me for posting all of my "Opinions" about insurance on this website; when I was supposed to post them on the other ebuenger etc! website! Can you change it so my diatribe won't take up so much room on this one? (or just deleteit at my request??)I want to write to you, privately also, aside from snail mail, so how do I do that by email? Please keep all your positive and succint statements coming for "Teamsam" and for "Friends of Will" and to Hans and to all the other parents of neuroblastoma children, angels or warriors,( ie. "Max's "Ring of Fire"& the Thomas Team to all of whom you write such encouraging and yet,to the point,precise and consise "comments"!!
    I hope you can erase my diatribe or at least transfer it to the right email address for your insurance info.
    Very Embarrased,and waiting to hear from you on my email,
    Sara Maley "Sam's Gram"

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  10. Sarah,

    You are one of my heroes, so I think I have taken care of your special request.

    You can always email me directly at the following email addresses:

    The first is my work email and no one reads it but me.

    The second is one that I use for family stuff that Walter might also read.

    The third is Erin's email that I am using for the health insurance stuff.

    I check all of them regularly and you are welcome to use them instead of snail mail anytime.

    The cookbook is not in press yet, but it is something I will tend to after I finish the health insurance thing and before I begin the book i have been asked to write about Erin. I am trying to get my requisite eight (I prefer nine) hours of sleep each night.


    PS. We have another fifteen person lanyard workshop this afternoon!!