Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Staple and Wager

February 10, 2010

How about a complete nonsense post?

My honors students (whom I adore) had a homework assignment due yesterday. As I walked in, one of them was poking around my podium, looking for a stapler so she could have her homework squared away before I called for it. To my surprise, EUREKA, she found one, but then ALAS AND DESPAIR, it jammed and wouldn't join her pages together.

I said, "Don't worry, someone in the class will have a stapler in their backpack," thinking to myself that it wouldn't have been me as a student. I would have considered it a triumph to arrive, on time, with the assignment--maybe with a staple, maybe not--but I would have never carried a stapler with me for stapling emergencies.

I went on to qualify my statement, telling the staple-less student that I was so sure of what I had said that I would wager with her that not one but three out of the 22 students enrolled in the class would have staplers with them that day. Before I tell you who won the bet, what do you think?

Would fifteen percent of an honors class (remember, though, that they are also graduating) be so prepared that they would carry a simple machine to join paper around with them in their backpacks or briefcases?


  1. I carried a little miniature stapler with me (I still have it) so I think you won the wager.

  2. There is no way you won that wager. I'd be horrified if there was even one kid carrying around a stapler. iPod? iPhone? Spare laptop battery? Sure...but a stapler? No way.

    Maybe that can be another new line of lanyards: Staplers as well as the always intimidating staple remover

  3. I'm guessing not a single one of them had a little mini stapler on them.

  4. I'm with Carla. I carried a miniature stapler with me. And a pair of wire cutters. And a maglite. But I wasn't an honors student, so you've got a different sample of Ags.

  5. No way. It adds more bulk to their backpacks which are already carrying massive textbooks across campus. I didn't know anybody who carried a stapler with them.

    At least, that's what it was like nearly 10 years ago when I went to school at A&M. (Gosh, has it been THAT long?!)

  6. Being more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of person. I can't even imagine carrying a stapler in my backpack so there is no way I think three kids had one. I'm guessing you lost the wager.

  7. I am guessing that just one, at most, would have a stapler. Just had this exact same experience with my class last week and one student suprised me by having a stapler. But it never ceases to amaze me how many students show up without stapling their papers together! C'mon, guys. I am always tempted to tell them I'll only grade whatever pages--of their unclamped paper--happen to remain in my bookbag.

  8. if they are geeky honors students.. i don't know if 15 percent had them.. but one? and if not a stapler, one of those staple free stapler things..

    i wasn't an honors student. never have been. so, no, i never had a stapler.. a book or two for reading when class got boring, yes, i had that.

  9. I am going out on a limb here and saying you won...those honor students can sometimes pull through. :) Can't wait to find out your answer....

  10. I'm betting you lost that wager.

    Wouldn't a stapler in a backpack constitute a violation of the zero tolerance policy on weapons nowadays, lol?

  11. Mine was miniature and hot pink. I would say they had the stapler.

  12. Man - I'm not sure if I could locate a stapler in my house!

    Sorry your clincher E was in PA...

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