Wednesday, May 12, 2010


May 12, 2010

I had the absolute pleasure of hearing Nico and Adam play at their piano recital last night. . . everything from baroque, through classical, the romantic period, and even contemporary. I adored hearing and watching these very talented young men, but not half as much as when they came in first and second in the intra-studio practice competition. They have been logging practice units since January, and all that time with the ivories paid off. Don't they look happy? (NOTE BENE: Adam doesn't smile bigger than this.)

I, too, am smiling. Today I gave myself whiplash by driving over to The Woodlands this morning to help Lara and Charon with a workshop at the John Cooper School then rushing back to College Station by 1:00 to give my last final exam of the semester.

I can't say enough about the young men and women who helped us bead this morning. The seniors at the John Cooper School are dismissed from class during May. Instead of going to class, they do a series of public service projects under the heading of May, I Help You. Isn't that a totally cool idea? Today was lanyard day
, and the thirty or more high school students who voluntarily rolled out of bed to come and bead by 9:00 did fantastic work AND the school staff were enthusiastic with their donations for all the beautiful lanyards they made!

My honors students who had their final with me this afternoon also made me smile. They worked extremely hard all semester and kept up a cheery mood as well. One of them brought a cake to the final so we could all celebrate their last college final while they filled their blue books.

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  1. As it should be :-)

    My daughter just completed her Junior Year finals... can I have a piece of cake please? I need it.