Friday, May 7, 2010


May 7, 2010

I have not written about the lanyard project here very much because I don't want tire you on the topic, especially when I have a whole website and Facebook Group devoted to it. However, the news on lanyards has been quite exciting lately with many different things happening.

This post is to remind you that the end of the school year is quickly upon us and if you haven't thought about teacher gifts for that special person who tolerated nurtured your precious baby through the year, I have just one word: lanyard.

This design (#1 and #2) is especially for pre-school and early elementary teachers, and Erin's dear friend Nico specializes in these. These two are made up and ready to go, or we can do special orders with the small beads between the alphabet beads in your school colors.

I don't ordinarily taken pictures of the lanyard inventory because: 1. I'm not a very good photographer and the photos don't do them justice; 2. They usually turnover so fast that the ones people want disappear before they place their order; and 3. I also don't ordinarily have the time to keep up with the process of labeling and uploading. I have a helper this week, so I have begun the process of doing a little show and tell, in case you are interested. I have about 40 more that I need to shoot.

Most people make about a $20 donation per lanyard (minimum--$15) which I think is a very good premium for a donation and a lot better than a coffee mug.

100% of every donation you make goes to CNCF. Walter and I underwrite every dime for all supplies, travel, and shipping and we have plenty of generous bead donors and people that give liberally of their time and talent. There is no administration costs that have to be offset by what we receive.
The last time I heard from the CNCF, we were approaching the level of giving where we could fund a Young Researchers Award.

These photos don't give justice to the sparkle: the way the light glints off the beads, the way the beaders' eyes sparkle, or the way our children would sparkle if we funded a cure for neuroblastoma.

To order one (or more), send me an email ( specifying which one you want. If you would like to order and pay securely on line, go to Erin's Dream Lanyards and use the handy order form on the right column headed Order Lanyards.

Thank You!


  1. Oh, I love sparkle. My mom and I will be making some lanyards of our own tomorrow. I can't wait!

    Loads of love,

    PS- If you're ever in NY, you'll have to let me know. :o)

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks for the awe-inspiring work Vickie. Erin did a good job inspiring us ALL!!! WOW!!!


  3. Whoa. I hope it doesn't freak you out that I sometimes surf through old posts on your website. Came across this one today. Sparkle. Huh...