Tuesday, July 13, 2010


July 13, 2010

As in, cut me some slack for letting a week slip by without an update. For those of you who lost interest in my World Cup ramblings, it is safe to come out and read. I will say I have no idea why an octopus named Paul would have more skill at picking games than I do, but clearly, he outclassed me coming and going. I will also say that I may have to find a 12-Step program to help me break my habit of WC watching. Luckily we are only weeks away from the start of the EPL season.

I am completely out of my comfort zone this week. I am manning a booth at a conference as a vendor. I spent the entire weekend trying to figure out what that meant. I am hustling lanyards for CNCF, but because I am not comfortable "selling" (see my entry about ask versus guess), I was, it's safe to say, a bit concerned. My natural strength is planning and organizing, so I spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning doing the prep. You can imagine me, sorting and labeling lanyards, doing quality control, thinking about display options, et cetera, et cetera. Everything to prepare me for the "moment" when someone wonders into your booth and either loves you (actually your lanyards) or NOT!

Even though I have time write now to write this entry, I think it is just a temporary lull. The conferees at the Texas Career Educators Conference have been enthusiastic supporters of the Lanyard Project so far. Here's where I need to thank everybody: Athena F-B (not facebook) for securing the booth and encouraging me to sell, to Rachel H. my cousin's daughter (is that a second cousin or a cousin once removed?) for helping me with the set up (there is no way I could have done it without her), and to my sisters, Katherine and Elisabeth for helping me in the booth. I feel all kinds of personal growth going on for me here.


  1. i miss the world cup. it was so nice that something besides baseball, basketball or american football was making sports news for a bit (sorry, not a big fan of those sports).

    as far as tabling and being a vendor, i'm sure you are doing great. not that you asked for advice - and if you don't want any stop now - but i recommend putting candy out, making eye contact and saying hi to everyone you make eye contact with. if you need a little boost to get you through i recommend coffee and beef jerky. (i was a professional tabler for a while). ;-D

  2. VB - Glad to hear it went so well in Dallas! Thanks for going outside of your comfort zone for the cause:)


  3. Joanie will be bringing you a bundle of love from the summer camp!