Monday, July 19, 2010

Run (like a Chicken with Its Head Cut Off)

July 19, 2010

Davis made it back from Utah Saturday evening, stuffed with new knowledge from his classes and sprinkled with freckles on his arms and legs from the UV rays that flash through the thin atmosphere that one finds at an altitude of almost 7000 feet.

The whole adult son relationship is a crazy one to navigate, especially considering that our time together this summer is split between cozy togetherness and distant apartness. We keep getting thrown in with each other and then apart from each other, and it takes us all a couple of days to get our sea legs stable (not to mention coordinating our biorhythms and sleeping and eating patterns).

We have refocused on the 3000 piece puzzle that we started before his Utah trip, and have it more than two-thirds finished. Of course, most of what remains we saved for last for a good reason (and not because they were the easy and obvious pieces left to fit in). I remain motivated, however, so that I can rescue my drop-leaf table and reclaim a large swath of my living room.

Today I wore a variety of hats. I packaged up a new shipment of lanyards to send to my internet friend and marking partner, Marni, in Chicago. The office staff at Children's Memorial are crazy about the lovely lanyards we make. I dashed to the bank to make a deposit (and avoid those pesky bank fees). I spent a couple hours planning some house parties for my friend Chet. I am also subbed this afternoon at the Brazos Democratic Party headquarters because my friend Maggie finally got to take a vacation. At 3:00 I jumped in the car to meet Athena in Plantersville to do a lanyard supply and display transfer for her pre-school teachers' conference in Spring tomorrow. Now I am updating the website while the oatmeal from the breakfast dishes soaks off, so I can put them in the dishwasher.

My booth mate in Dallas sent some photos of our lanyard booth. We sold about 110 lanyards and made $2035 dollars, plus I got to see both my sisters, one niece, and my cousin and her daughter. Talk about win, win, win. Tomorrow I drive to Austin to see my sister-in-law, teach a lanyard workshop to participants at her Education Through Music Conference, and hopefully find some new adoptive parents for our lanyards!