Saturday, February 19, 2011


February 19, 2011

Why it took almost a month after Walter's actual milestone birthday to celebrate with the Tjoelkers at Madden's last night, I can not explain.  Mark's trip to Australia; Elaine's mandatory chauffeur role in the Tjoelker boys' fun-and action-filled schedules;  Walter's many, many late nights at work; my own quick-filling dance card.  I can say with no hesitation that we all deserved a night off and were happy to have Peter Madden and his kitchen staff cooking for us.

Nobody needs one more thing to fit into their schedule, even if ought to be fun and relaxing.


Instead of one more thing, I'll give you several:


We have two "Drives" going on right now:  

1.  underwear, socks, and toiletries for homeless children who attend Bryan school (NOTE:  unfortunately, we have way too many kids that fall into this category in the county)

2.  used books (not textbook or old encyclopedias, but stuff you enjoyed but don't need to keep) for the Hearne Public Library

Drop me a message (here, by email, by text, by facebook, by phone), and I will arrange to get your stuff from you.

Don't have stuff?

Help me man an Erin's Dream Lanyard booth at the Bryan High Color Guard Competition next Saturday.

Not a Local?

Try this, by mail:

Nikki the Red, who many of you know as the young woman who does the blogathon every year to raise money for pediatric cancer research sent me an email asking for something that I have a lot of (and so do you).  She writes:

"I'm in need of the bottom of your junk drawers. I'm looking for any kind of mini items, rusty old things, tiny toys that have been sitting around forever, broken jewelry or single earrings, whatever you have. If you'd be willing to ship it to me, I'll gladly pay your postage."

Apparently, she has an art project in mind.  Email her at to work out the details.

What?  You don't live locally and you have no junk to mail to a poor, but creative college student?  Choose a project in your own home town and do something.

If you live in or near Boston or Buffalo, get with the program and donate something to Cure Me I'm Irish:

Or choose something close to your location and your heart.  Do it, and then leave me a note telling me about it.

Is all this happening too quickly for your already packed schedule?  That's okay, you can start planning your spring cleaning around the Erin Buenger Memorial Scholarship garage sale, coming on May 7.  Set aside your great garage sale items.  I'll arrange pick up and storage.

It doesn't matter.  You're busy, but not too busy to help.  

Let's Do It!


  1. I will have items for the garage sale. Will be in CS on March 5th, clean out the storage unit on the 6th.

  2. I've learned a new lesson in life that I try to live by.

    You should never find yourself too busy to help.

    By reminding myself this I sometimes manage to find the time in small ways throughout the day to try and help others.

  3. I used one of Erin's pictures for my photo project today-- I hope that's ok!

    As for what I am doing-- I am making my own lanyards at home this week. I will also be doing some spring cleaning and will mail you some things for your sale.