Friday, February 25, 2011


February 25, 2011

No Odd-Friday Lanyards today.  I have to go up to Bryan High around 8:00 to set up the lanyard table/booth for the Color Guard Competition in the morning.  You can stop by the usual time (early evening) if you have the interest and skill set to help me sort the 25+ pounds of beads currently forming a bead stew in the bead room.  This beautiful, but randomized assortment, came from a generous donor from Atlanta, who had grown tired of her jewelry making hobby.  The collection is enormous (both loose beads and jewelry that needs deconstruction), and it will be enormously helpful, once we can get it organized.

I started this post with the title "Hop" but the blogger autofill turned it into "Hope" which would be a nice title, but totally inaccurate.

Today started as another perfect day in paradise.  Willie and Teddy took me on our usual walk.  I could see shadows of birds against the pre-dawn sky taking the early morning flight back north, signaling that I could, indeed, store the heavy woolens and cold weather paraphernalia.  As we neared home, Willie raced ahead.  I supposed he was looking for his cat mistress who he likes to serenade first thing in the morning.  I was wrong.

I rounded the corner into my neighbor's drive, because I thought I saw the shadow of Willie dart that direction.  I found him standing on his back legs, nosed pressed to the wire mesh, watching the neighbor girl's new, white bunnies hop willy-nilly around their hutch like Jiffy-Pop popcorn.

Dragging him home, I felt like a football player training by pulling the sledge behind me.

Once I had Willie home, I had to fetch the incorrigible Teddy.  She had assumed Willie's position, circling the bunny hutch and barking her tiny little bark.  The bunnies had stopped popping randomly around their cage, and were peering down at Teddy sticking their little tongues out in disdain.  

I wonder how long it will take for the bunny union to have to fill in 0 in the blank of their safety sign?


  1. LOL... oh, the bunny woes. That is going to be a permanent attraction for your canine family members, you know that, right? Something about dogs and rabbits.

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog today - yes, I've been to this rodeo before and I THINK... I have learned how to surf the wave instead of drag myself through it.

    One can only hope...

  2. Good luck at the big event tomorrow, my friend!

    I rec'd your starts today!
    Thank you.

    I'll update you soon on the NCL bead a thon soon:)


  3. haha dogs and bunnies! Our youngest dog goes c-r-a-z-y when we have baby bunnies! Animals are so much fun. =)