Thursday, May 19, 2011


May 19, 2011

The one thing about the possible rapture on Saturday (not that I'm going anywhere or anything), but there could be a radically lower number of kiddos attending summer camp at Mo Ranch and Flaming Arrow, and my mission to count out 1800 bags of beads (one for each proposed lanyard) might magically melt away.

Two-thirds of a million beads.

I no longer count sheep at night.  In fact, by bedtime I'm really tired enough to drop off without counting anything.

What else can I tell you?  The semester ended successfully for all but a couple of my students (and it really wasn't a disaster for any of them).  The garage sale was a success (around $1100), but if you missed it and still have items you want to donate, 1st Presbyterian is having a garage sale on June 18, so you still have a great outlet for your stuff.  

Walter's tenure as department head of history is finally coming to a close.  He has another book in the works that he has noodged along in his less-than-copious spare time.  Starting June 1 he can dive in.  I'm going to force him into a brief vacation to San Diego and southern Cali right after he goes off the clock, but then he can muck around in archives and libraries as much as he likes.

Davis is deep into his third quarter at The OSU, and it is finally not winter.  But unfortunately, winter morphed right into monsoon season.  He may never get to take his bike, the beautiful Ruby, out for a spin ever again.   His classes (both the ones he takes and the ones he teaches) seem to be fine and dandy, not that I understand much of what he does for a living.

Willie and Teddy and Uma are going to be the subject of my next post, so I won't say much about them here.  I understand that some people say that having obedient dogs is overrated.  I would like to be in a position to judge whether that's true or not. . . maybe in another life time.


  1. It's time for a pre-rapture party tomorrow, a rapture party on Sat, or a post-rapture brunch on Sunday. You pick. (Kati)

  2. Kati,

    I think I will do them all. Because that's the way I rock.

  3. You know, if you want to send some beads my way to count, I'd be more than happy to count some out and send them back. That way I can get my beads for necklaces as well :). That just occurred to me, that's how I can help.

  4. LOL.. I admired that word too!..noodged. Is that more persuasive than ..say, nudging?

    Love your post...and I bet if you're counting anything at all ever again when trying to fall asleep it will be beads, whether you like it or not :-)