Thursday, May 12, 2011


May 12, 2011

So I have balanced my MacBook on my Rubbermaid kitchen step stool and put them both on the kitchen counter so that I can avoid dying.  According to this New York Times article Is Sitting a Lethal Activity? (which you can read for free here even if you have already burned through your free access to the Times this month already and can't get past the paywall) suggests that you don't just have to be a couch potato lying on the sofa watching re-runs of CSI and Law and Order to be doing yourself in.  According to inactivity researchers, including a study by epidemiologist Alpa Patel, "The death rate for women who sat for more than six hours a day was about 40 percent higher." 

Not going to catch me just sitting around anymore.  Here's the lowdown in infographic format (and, no, I'm not in the habit of perusing Medical Billing and Coding dot org regularly.  It was just something that came across my feed.):

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

Did you make it past the scary part?

Here's the rest of my post.  I'm not sure who put the master calendar together for my universe over the last week, but I sort of wish they would have checked in with me first.  Really!

May 4--Erin Buenger Scholarship presentation
May 5--Top 10% Banquet at Jane Long Middle School for all of Erin's friends and peers
May 6--Final Projects for my grad students (10-12 pages each) due
May 6-7--Relay for Life
May 7--Erin Buenger/JLMS Garage Sale
May 8--Mother's Day
May 10--Final Exam (all essay) for my undergraduates
May 12--Grades due for graduates

These are just the psycho/emotional milestones and don't actually include work or non-work commitments like meetings and conference calls aplenty.

I also needed to order 650,000 seed beads, 1850 lobster claw lanyard clasps, and over a mile of wire to supply Mo Ranch and Camp Flaming Arrow (I'm still working on the accent beads and am open to your ideas and suggestions and help)!  

My response:  Well, I took a pass on a couple of things (sorry to all our friends who were looking for us at Relay!) and slogged through the rest of them.

Given the dire consequences of just sitting around, I had no idea I was saving my own life.

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