Monday, June 20, 2011

Born and Inspire

June 20, 2011

Sometimes the calendar conspires against you and compresses things so you don't have time to work through them before you have to move on to the next thing.  That happened over the last several days, as we burned through first my mom's birthday, Davis's departure back to Ohio, a roadtrip, PPR Day, Father's Day, and today, Erin's fourteenth birthday.

My sister and I celebrated the today by making donations to the Let's Do It! fund at 1st Presbyterian Church.  The Let's Do It! fund supports youth programs at the church and is the "go to" account when someone has a great idea, and wants it to actually happen instead of having it talked to death or committee'd to death.  This completely captures Erin's spirit.  Happy Birthday, Dear Girl!

Here is her first photo:

And here is one of my favorites:


  1. Such a busy week! I love how her spirit is still making the world better ;) What a fabulous Family :)

  2. Vickie,

    I have been thinking of you and beautiful, inspiring Erin all day today. I wore green in her honor and verbed as much as possible: Love, Laugh, Run, See, Drink, Share, Care, Be.

    I noticed today, more than I have in a while how incredible the sky was. The clouds and the sun and the blue combined together in such a way that it took my breath away on multiple occasions. This was no coincidence.

    Erin is always in my heart. She inspires me every day to be better, do more, and to canonball into life with gusto and gratitude.

    Love & hugs,

  3. happy birthday sweet girl.

  4. Now that today's special meaning is captured forever in my memory (aka recurring appt in Google calendar), I shall be wearing green every June 20. Though today was a "let's do it" kind of day with Hannah going off to ACS sibling camp for a week, then volunteering at day 1 of our church's KidsGames, and capped off by a sunset balance-bike scoot with Nicky. I was wondering where the energy came from today, and now I know: Erin. Happy birthday Erin! You inspire me every day!

  5. A day doesn't go by that I don't think about Erin. When I'm too tired, I take my walk anyway, thanks to her. Walk!

  6. Look at that proud big brother's big eyes as he holds his new baby sister....

    Happy Birthday dear Erin...

  7. Hi, Vickie! It was so good to meet you at Touch a Truck. Some of my favorite people have June bdays: Erin & Max (30th). You & Erin so inspire me daily. Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers. lisa

  8. Happy Birthday, Erin. I think of you every day as I have one of the Erin's Dream Lanyards on my keychain. You continue to inspire me to live my best life.

  9. Happy birthday, Erin! I wore my green swimsuit to Schlitterbahn on Monday in honor of your birthday and to celebrate mine.

  10. Happy Birthday. Thanks for posting the darling pictures.