Thursday, September 15, 2011


September 15, 2011

I have wanted to post multiple times lately.  

At one point I had something interesting to say about the piece from The Economist that had this graphic:

I've forgotten what it was.

I was also quite pumped about this Seuss-like explanation of the connection between jobs and health care.

But I couldn't think of anything creative to add.

I have also wanted to commend this audio PSA that I was able to help with in a small way this summer.  It is voiced by Tony:

You could also visit the website Kidscancerfight.orgI am personally responsibly for many of the action verbs in the text on the website (those who have ever let me help you edit something know that I avoid the "to be" when I can, expecially in passive construction).

Mainly, I have had my nose to the grindstone, as illustrated by what happened yesterday.  CCASP (The Carter Creek After School Program) had Erin's Dream Lanyards as their activity yesterday.  I decided to transfer all the beads and supplies up to the church in the morning so I wouldn't be in a rush in the afternoon.  I straightened all sixteen boxes of beads, put the lanyard hooks on a couple of dozen wire starts, AND so I wouldn't have to unload all the soccer gear from the back of my car, talked Walter into letting me use the van for the delivery.  I then loaded all the boxes, trays, and whatnot into the van, hopped in my car, and drove to the church, parking carefully by the loading ramp so I could use a rolling cart and make fewer trips.

I went in to get the room ready, set up the extra tables, and find the cart.  When I returned to get the beads. . .

The van was still at home and my car, loaded with soccer gear, was waiting to be unloaded.

I believe things like this happen when you get so stuck in your usual routines and don't look up to see what's going on.  

To change things up a bit, Walter and I are celebrating my birthday in Washington DC next week.  Do you remember how I have been bugging people for a year and a half to get behind The Creating Hope ActCongressmen McCaul and Butterfield are introducing it on the floor of the House next Thursday.  Great birthday gift!  And maybe I'll be able to see something besides the grindstone at the end of my nose.

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  1. Oh, Vickie. I wish this didn't sound so familiar. =) Enjoy your birthday in DC. Surely The Creating Hope Act is something that both sides of the aisle can get behind.