Friday, September 23, 2011

Smorgasbord of Advocacy

September 23, 2011

Earlier this summer, I told Walter I wanted to go to Washington DC this week for a buffet of childhood cancer awareness activities and I wanted him to go, too.  I can't say he jumped up and down with joy or rapture.  When he priced our hotel and discovered that it would cost us PLENTY [I'm not even going to write the amount or the range of the amount because I would be embarrassed to the point of mortification to share it] he became even less enthusiastic.   But I reminded him that it coincided with my birthday, so he made the reservations and booked our flight.  He is amazing and the love of my life.

We have done so many things in the short time we've been here it makes my head spin.  I walked up to Capital Hill as soon as we checked in to introduce myself to the new LA for health in Congressman McCaul's office.  His name is Andy Taylor, and he is not the sheriff of Mayberry.  Walter met me at the 46 Mommas Shave for the Brave at Union Station on Wednesday night, and met up with friends from all over the country.  

Thursday, my day started around 7:30 a.m. and went on and on until late evening.  The PAC2 workshop was well attended and generated several new project ideas.  

That event swung right into the Congressional childhood cancer caucus reception where we mixed it up with Members, staffers, and advocates.  This morning started with a press conference which led into the Caucus Summit, and ultimately to the introduction of the Creating Hope Act (with bipartisan support) on the floor of the House.  I even went to my Congressman's office to invite him on the bill.  I spent the afternoon working on a couple of initiatives for the local ACCO @ A&M group.

Given how little time we spent in our room at the Marriott Renaissance, it seemed such a shame to pay so much.  That's why I was so surprised and happy when I returned to the room and learned that our bill worked out after all.  We used Marriott points for two of the nights and somehow had a drastically reduced night for the third.  We also have an upgrade to 1st class on the flight home tomorrow.   

Sometimes better to be lucky than good!


  1. Oh, man... it just kept getting better and better, and upgraded to first class for a grand finale. No one deserves it more. Happy birthday (plus one day)!

  2. Happy Birthday!... and you two are just amazing people. Amazing.

  3. WHAT!!!! First class icing on the cake! You go girl. No one more wonderful in the WORLD than you and Walter deserve such a treat! LOVE YOU!!!!Best treat ever for me was getting to meet you but wish SO much we had more time together....

  4. First class....awesome and well deserved!