Thursday, November 10, 2011

(Can't) Wait

November 10, 2011

I have another 70 40 15 (but who's counting?) minutes of office hours and two more classes before I rocket out of the microplex on the way to Galveston, Moody Gardens, and the annual meeting of the Texas Art Education Association.


You are right, I am neither an artist nor an art educator, but Erin's Dream Lanyards was chosen as the TAEA's Art and Soul philanthropic project this year, and I am going to show our wares!  This is an enormous honor and adventure!  

To demonstrate how nice it will be to stay at Moody Gardens (even if it means driving through Houston during rush hours, even if it means doing booth set up after the exhibitors' reception tonight, even if it means popping up to man the booth by 7:30 tomorrow morning), click here to see my calendar this week and next week.  The blue shaded areas are only the times that I am actually scheduled and do not include task that must be done (such as meal preparation or grading) that I must fit in around the blocked out time.  November is a cruel, cruel month for academics.

For all my lanyard makers:  I know they will adore your creative efforts.  Thank you for helping me make this endeavor work! 


  1. Oh Vickie I am BEYOND thrilled for you and so proud of you!!! Erin would be so excited about this!!! How I wish this wonderful opportunity would happen at a better moment in the academic schedule.... Thinking of you as you squeeze more minutes out of the day than anyone I go girl.

    PS we have spent oodles of time in Galveston since my parents lived there for 20+ years and now have a condo for winter. Love it!

  2. Congratulations, Vickie! I'm so happy for you...and so proud that Erin's Lanyards are going to be shown to that many more people. Have you been to Moody Gardens before? When I went, it was absolutely awesome! I loved it! Hope you have an incredible time, my travels!

    Tanya Loewen

    P.S. We need to get you to come up to MN sometime...and bring Erin's Lanyards to my school! I'd gladly give up time with my students to have them help make lanyards with you, and to learn more about Erin and your family!

  3. That is such great news. I can see Erin smiling!

  4. That's so neat, Vickie!
    I wish I could pop in for the wknd to help you set up! Enjoy:)