Monday, November 21, 2011

Return (of the Prince)

November 21, 2011

I am posting this cartoon from PhD Comics last week in honor of the Young Prince who will return to the castle on Thursday for a brief sojourn:

Notice the subtle eyebrow action that reveals the true underlying energy and emotion in each one?  I'm betting he is leaving at least one prof who looks like this behind in Columbus, when he boards the plane.

Walter and I have been galloping through the semester, with me trying to speed things up so that I can survive without drowning (kind of like those water striders that can somehow use microscopic hairs to

trap air and skate along the surface of ponds, even in stormy situations--did I just imply that I haven't shaved my legs in a very long time?) and Walter trying to slow each day down to prolong his faculty development leave and get more research and writing done before he returns to the classroom in January.  

Since I last posted I have finished the big pre-finals grading push, spent some time in Galveston, and helped create some progress on Project Collaborate (though I prefer the much more descriptive and appropriate moniker, Project Coolaborate).

I have avoided decorating for yet another holiday, but I will bake, starting tonight (anything to avoid house cleaning, right?).  We are ducking the big Thanksgiving hosting opportunity this year (always tough without Erin, but perhaps impossible without our beloved Tjoelkers. . . will you even celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia?).  The church is trying a new T-day option for A&M/UT students and church family as a pre-game option, so we will still get the extravagant holiday option, just not at my house.

I wanted to let you all know that I managed to finish A Tale of Two Cities amid all my November madness, and I will have you know that I eventually remembered at least some of the plot.  In fact on about page 364 (of 412 pages), I finally figured out what Sydney Carton was plotting (which made the last line of the book, which I memorized in 1976, make sense).  Unfortunately, I had no recollection of the events of the next-to-last chapter, even while I was reading it.

We are now planning our next M-D (mother/daughter) Reading Club selection.  I'm looking for something in non-Gabriel García Márquez in Latin American literature.  Any suggestions/ideas?


  1. Anything by Antonio Machado is awesome...he's probably my favorite Hispanic author and poet. Otherwise, if you'd like to read something in English about a true event/family in Hispanic history, you've gotta read "Where the Clouds Meet the Water." It's written by Kimberly Contag & James Grabowska, two of my college professors...the book is about Dr. Contag's father's life, growing up as an Ecuadorian of German heritage during WW2 and how his family was "repatriated" back to Germany (basically, many Ecuadorians and other Latinos were used as bargaining chips by the USA to "buy back" our prisoners of war from Germany). Very moving, and exciting book...I'd highly recommend it to anyone. Plus, I know the authors (they are two of my all-time favorites from college and are now good friends), and I met Dr. Contag's father at the book signing. Seriously, read it!

    Tanya Loewen

  2. Two of my fun faves are:
    The Time of the Doves (La Plaza del Diamante) by Mercè Rodoreda
    Like Water for Chocolate Laura Esquivel
    There's always Don Quixote???

    Happy Thanksgiving Buengers! Enjoy your prince:)
    xoxo, Lara