Friday, June 22, 2012

Little Shop of Horrors

June 22, 2012

I know that "Little Shop of Horrors" isn't a verb and, in fact, contains no verbs.  I still need to tell you about our most recent plague (Is this number nine?).

This is more than just an off-centered photo of our loft closet door that still has Erin-made art work on it and the scribblings of Erin and Ayesha pledging that they will be BFFL's.  Note the inexpert camera work of the vine sending its tendrils out in the very center of the picture.

I found this last week when I went to this closet to drag out the canister vacuum that I store there.  Yes, I had a Virginia creeper vine growing out of the loft closet ON THE SECOND STORY of my home.  It originated in the flower bed OUTSIDE the house AT GROUND LEVEL.

Inside the closet--alive and growing:

Notice how long it is?  Notice that it has insulation stuck to it where it grew through the wall?  

I want you to understand, that it is NOT the case that I rarely vacuum my house.  I usually use the upright, which I keep downstairs in a different closet (which for the record doesn't have Virginia creeper, or yaupon, or grapevine, or any other indigenous species of vine or shrub growing out of it and it better stay that way)!

I suspect that at least one of these two girls who celebrated almost all their birthdays together (Toni on Monday this week and Erin on Wednesday) would find my Little Shop of Horrors a riotous birthday present rather than a plague.

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