Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Follow Up

August 21, 2012

Within an hour or so of posting about Davis's knee surgery yesterday, my cell phone made its little you-have-a-text noise.  A quick glance revealed the following:

"Where is my cool name?"

Polls open for the Maximillian equivalent for Davis's post-surgery blog exploits.  I'm thinking if he wants "cool," I may have to stick with Cucumber or maybe Cuke for short.  Ice Pack?  Other options?


  1. Scooter...Speedy Gonzalez...Hopper...

    I've got lots more, so let me know if those don't work! :)

    Tanya Loewen

  2. Fyodor? Konstantin? Agustin? Melvin???

  3. Hm. Maximilian was all sort of dignified, stoic, and determined. Chin up -- never say die, etc. Here, I am thinking something "young" and "tragic" -- Balthazar, perhaps. Or Werther, or maybe Frederic. Byron? Shelley? You know -- soulful eyes that hint of deeply hidden, complicated pain, expensive (but limp) lace at throat and cuffs.

    1. I wonder if there are any "young" and "tragic" mathematicians? With cool names? I'll have to do some research.

    2. John Nash--tragic for sure, but not a cool name.

    3. You are correct, Vickie. I am leaning "too artsy" here. No mathematicians come immediately to mind, but in the general science area you could certainly go with Tesla (or one of those medieval/Rennaissance astronomer types who got so entangled with the Catholic church and suffered for it -- like Galileo or Copernicus, etc. -- but they might be too obvious. Ideally, you want something that people in his field will "get," but which others won't unless they are mathematically "hip," or want to go digging. Newton has the genius element, but lacks any whiff of suffering or tragedy. Hmm.

    4. Evariste Galois was a mathematician who invented an entire field (solubility of polynomials). He died in a gunfight for the honor of a woman. Maybe not the same as knee surgery. But pretty bold.

  4. What about one of the characters from the Big Bang Theory? They're all math/science guys...

    Just an idea,