Monday, August 13, 2012


August 13, 2012

I eased back into the office today.  My desk chair remembered me and everything else seemed just like I had left it on May 8. Nobody had filed the stacks of papers I left on my desk and credenza on May 8th.  Do the little elves who helped the shoemaker at night do the work he left behind need an engraved invitation?  What about the brownies?  I know they are shy and light sensitive, but I left the lights off for three months.  You think they would have taken a peak inside and seen I was a little desperate.

Instead, I am left to shovel the mounds myself.  And tomorrow I'm going to have to force myself to look in the coffee cup and see what miracle may be growing there.  

For now, thought, I'm going to go home.  Maximillian has about another week in his boot.  That means I have just seven days left to convince him to add some chains, studs, and buckles to it so he can have the ultra in steam-punk footwear.  


My envisioned After:

The long summer of our discontent doldrums will end soon.  He set aside the crutches on our vacation, started driving a week ago, and I think, has a research trip to Austin planned for next week.  Soon, I will throw away his nickname and let the memory of this summer fade into our history together.  

We'll be ready for the next chapter.  Now, if I can just face up to coming back to my mess of an office again tomorrow, I can actually get moving on that new chapter.


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