Sunday, September 16, 2012


September 16, 2012

Luckily, I got used to various pastimes over the summer and can probably articulate a larger-than-average list of things to do for and with someone with limited mobility.

Figuring prominently on any such list would be doing necessary chores that are currently out of the range of possibilities for the crutch-y person.  I'm not saying that Philip the Handsome was unable to attach his new license plates to his car, just that it was way easier fro me to carry them and the socket set to the car and do the switch out.  Given the brilliant early fall day in Columbus, I might have volunteered to go down the line in the parking lot switching out license plates for Philip's apartment neighbors, had they asked.

Philip the Handsome was somewhat loath to give up his old license plates despite the State's insistence that it was time.    The old ones (up top) were still in relatively good shape AND relatively clean.  They also had the added bonus and whimsy (for those of you unfamiliar with Texas license plates) to sport both a cowboy on horseback (below in the center) and the profile of the space shuttle (top left).  

I kind of like the retro-plain model now in production as reminiscent of my childhood, when I believed that state prisoners who made license plates sat with a little hammer, beating out the letters and numbers, rather than using fairly sophisticated metal stamping equipment.  The new plates may still be made by those serving time, but they are now smooth as well as uber-plain.

We also have taken some time for leisure:

We stormed through this 1000-piece puzzle, starting it Friday evening and finishing it Saturday afternoon.  We piddled around after we finished, enjoying the afternoon listening to football and topped off the day with a nice mom-cooked meal.  By 8:40 we were in the car, making a beat-the-clock run to Barnes and Noble for another puzzle (why did this feel like those runs to the liquor store that sat inches beyond the county line of the "dry" Texas county I grew up in?).

Philip the Handsome is not languishing.  More like biding his time, until he is once again cleared for action.  The light's not great in the hall, but I think this shot gives you an idea about his mindset.

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