Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rest and Recover

September 6, 2012

Philip the Handsome [There.  I have picked the cool name.  There were two "big" Maximillians:  one from the Holy Roman Empire, who had a son named Philip the Handsome and one from the Mexican Empire who had two sons, Augustin and Salvador.  As much as I would have like to pick Augustin (which is a variant of what I would have been named had I been born a boy) or Salvador (which has such lovely Godfather overtones), I stuck with Philip the Handsome.  Because really, Walter is so much more of a Holy Roman Emperor than a Mexican Emperor, and Davis really deserves a name that ends in "the Handsome."] is safely home from surgery.

Like any surgery, it was probably a bigger deal than we counted on before it started.  And like any surgery, the recovery and rehabilitation is probably a much bigger deal than the surgery itself.  You can email him your warm wishes at or text him at 979.820.1049.  I think he has to be zero weight bearing for four weeks.

Walter took some photos with his phone.  Here's the lovely leg wear all the cool guys are sporting this fall:

Here's Davis trying to look comfortable and busy. 

Can you tell from the first two photos what the mainstay of his recovery is, so far?   Legos!

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