Thursday, July 11, 2013

Play Catch Up

July 11, 2013

Sometimes you have so much fun, you don't stop to talk about it.  So today is catch up day.

Day 8--Day tripping.  We all loaded up and headed west to see the Blue Mountains:  picnicking at Wentworth Falls, a stop by Sublime Point (how yummy is that moniker for an inspiring view?),

and a look around the Three Sisters in Katoomba (and like so many places in Australia, this one is terribly fun to say:  Katoomba, Katoomba, Katoomba.  I think Walt Disney named some of these places.)

Day 8 was just a warm up to Day 9

We started our excursion.  First stop Canberra (pronounced Canbra) where we visited both the Australian War Memorial (for Walter's book on history, memory, and identity) and the National Museum of Australia.  While we saw many mazing sites that deserved photos, I chose two of the same subject, an unknown Australian Serviceman, because he had a striking resemblance to WB.

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  1. Beautiful pics of the Blue Mtsn! I've actually been there in 1980s visiting Tony's family in the Wentworth Falls and Katoomba area! I used to think to myself - "here, the mountains go down"- because the towns are on the top,on the plateau, and all the trails go down. Many memories from there. Just a caution-watch out for leeches. Sometimes I would end up with a few on a hike. Enjoy!