Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Is Coming


Merry Christmas out there!  All of us except Walter, the administrator, (insert devious laugh sound effect here) finished our semesters last week.  Hurray!  Erin had a pajama party at school on Friday with a loaded snack table and cool activities.  Davis got out early enough to stop by and graze.  Several of the third graders wanted to know about Davis's school party.  He told them the exams were the party.  I don't think it brought cheer to their hearts.  I got grades turned in in a timely way and was (in a way) sad to see the semester end.  I had a truly awesome collection of students this semester--maybe the smartest as a group, and certainly exceptionally cheerful and fun to be around.

Erin got to see the local theatre company put on The Sound of Music last Saturday with her friend Katie.  They loved it so much, they watched it again on television Saturday night.  We drove into Houston Sunday evening, shopped a little, ate dinner, swam, and went on to bed for an early start Monday morning. 

Dr. Russell thought Erin looked well, and her counts were good enough to stick on the refrigerator.  I guess that means we survived a rather rough month. . .not on the cancer front, but on the childhood illness front.  Between Erin's congestion and cough, the family stomach bug, and the ever-so-powerful, but side-effect laden drugs, we were glad to escape relatively unscathed.  Anyway, Dr. Russell okayed the plan to keep doing what we've been doing (cyclophosphomide and topotecan).  We had Day 1 chemo in the Houston clinic yesterday, and I have the orders for Day 2 through Day 5 here in Bryan (Central Texas Cancer Center, 2215 E. Villa Maria, if you are planning to drop by.  My cell is 820.1755, if you need directions.).

While we were in Houston, Walter and Davis scurried around tidying up and locating the Buenger Christmas tree.  It is a full twelve feet tall this year.  Not as many berries as in previous years, probably because of the drought, but with a new carpet, I am not mourning the lack of berries that inevitably get ground into the area around the tree (and beyond).  We all got into the spirit of the season last night, led, of course, by Erin who could not unwrap ornaments fast enough.

I want to close by thanking all of our dear supporters for taking time to give up your lunch for Erin this holiday season.  It is especially touching, because we know so many of you have taken the time and effort to support others all year long--hurricane and tsunami survivors and many other worthwhile and important causes.  That you can still find the energy and money for one more cause is awesome to us, and we really appreciate it.  Thank you!

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