Friday, December 23, 2005

What Will We Do Without Greg's Nachos?


What?  Again?  So soon?  No, there's nothing wrong or particularly exciting to pass on.  I'm just excited.  We have knocked out the first four days of this cycle and by early afternoon will be blissfully free for another three weeks (knock on wood).   Christmas Eve is tomorrow!  We are all home together and have been all week!  We've visited with friends, listened to Christmas music, and slept in our own beds at night. 

The staff at the Central Texas Cancer Center has tolerated our unorthodox style.  For those of you who haven't visited:  this clinic is set up as a large room with about seven chemo chairs (sort of like rolling dentist chairs) arranged in a semi-circle.  Mostly, patients shuffle over to their chairs, get hooked up to their IV and endure the session.  Maybe they roust themselves for a trip to the bathroom.  Erin and I arrive heavily laden.  We spread a quilt thingy on the floor, unpack crates of toys, load up our CDs or DVDs into the player, and prepare to receive visitors.  About half way through each session, we do a quick pack up and move everything out to the lobby for a change of scenery.  It usually only takes three or four trips, but that is because I am the Ultimate Pack-Horse Mom and can carry a lot each load.  Like I said, it's different for the staff, but they are getting used to us. 

I don't have much else to say.  Our friend Duffy came up from Laredo to spend some time with us this week.  My mom and I (mostly my mom) got the holiday party mix made yesterday.  Talk about a marathon kitchen session.  Whew!  The sisters will be here God knows when, but when they arrive their favorite holiday snack will be waiting! 

I hate to end this uplifting and happy message on a sad note, but those of you who know us well will understand why we are wearing black (figuratively) today.  Today is the last day Gina's will be open.  We have eaten there about fifty times a year since Davis was born (it opened while I was pregnant with him).  Everyone in the family loves the place, and it really is hard to imagine what we will do without Greg's nachos', the Fireman's Special,  Erin's cheese triangles, and so on.  I thought the least they could do was wait until Davis had left for college, so as to soften the blow.  As it is, we will take as large a group as we can get together downtown tonight and reel in the years.

I'll check in with you after Christmas!  Remember to tell the ones you love that you really do love them!

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