Thursday, December 1, 2005

Lunch for Life


First of all let me say a special hello and thanks to our friends, Ruby, Rita, Carla, Erin, Phyllis, and Nancy, who have already given up their lunch for Erin (giving code 13993).  The official Lunch for Life campaign began this morning, and when I last checked (10:00 a.m.) had already raised $21,140.  Lunch for Life was organized by  Mark Dungan of Fort Worth, whose daughter has the same disease as Erin (also relapsed).  Lunch for Life is noteworthy because it is entirely grassroots, entirely run by the families of neuroblastoma patients, and entirely devoted to raising money for research for a cure for neuroblastoma (you can read more in the 11/28 update below).  If you find this as compelling as I do, join in and spread the word.

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