Friday, April 21, 2006


The Buengers are headed in three different directions this weekend.  In a couple of hours, I'm driving Davis to Houston for Owl Weekend.  This is not birdwatching, per se (though I suspect he will keep his eye out for interesting chicks), but rather an orientation weekend at Rice.  Davis will get to attend class, go to mixers, and take advantage of college stuff.  I hope to make it back for Erin's softball game this evening.  Tomorrow, she and I will pack up and head west, past Austin, past Kerrville, past Hunt, to Mo Ranch for a weekend retreat and plunge in to the Guadalupe River (Brrrr, I'm shivering just thinking about it.).  Walter will pick Davis up on Saturday, but in the meantime is guarding the homestead.  Tough duty, the bulk of which entails him making sure that Willie gets enough exercise that he doesn't rip the fabric off the sofa when no one is watching.  Walter also has Luke-nursing duty.  That's right, the $6 million dog has once again raised the bar.  He has an ear hematoma, which will probably require surgery on Monday (why didn't I buy dog health insurance when I had the chance?).

Erin's oral chemo continues to amaze us.  Her counts this morning (Day 11 of 21) were all in the normal range:  

WBC:  4.7
ANC:  3.3
HBG:  13.5 (Wow, I need to make sure she gets some exercise before sticking her in the car for five hours tomorrow.)
PLT:  261

Everything else is rocking along smoothly.  Easter was blessed at our house.  Davis gave the sermon at the sunrise service and really spoke from the heart.  We beamed with pride from the second row.  Easter egg hunting was still popular (who's surprised?), and the Luquette sister weekend was less mapcap than usual.

The week, since then, has progressed fairly peacefully.  I am still in the midst of grading (but making daily progress).  Erin's softball is about half way through.  Davis started work last week and hates the tedium of it already (I hope he remembers that when it comes time to choose between studying and partying next fall).  Walter is wrapping up the term and hoping to avoid extraneous meetings.   My Uncle John breezed into town for his 50th class reunion festivities at A&M, and it was great to catch up with him even if the visit was brief. 

Talk to you all real soon!

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