Tuesday, April 25, 2006



On Sunday, we collected ourselves and returned home from various points beyond.  Erin packed in the fun at Mo Ranch, including a sled ride down the 38 foot slide into the Guadalupe River on Saturday afternoon.  Afterwards, she said it was not the scariest thing she had ever done, and in my heart I knew she spoke the truth.  We spent most of the daylight hours outside--swimming, horse-back riding or just kicking around--but in the evenings we matched the fun level playing games and visiting in the Guest Lodge where we stayed (I can't say where we slept, since we actually didn't get much sleep in).  Apparently, Davis had even less sleep than we did, as he reported that he had the FULL college experience at Owl Weekend.

Erin went to school for half a day before we left on Friday.  We couldn't leave earlier because of the awards ceremony at her school.  Erin received an award for Outstanding Accomplishments in PE and proudly grabbed her award, shook hands with the principal, smiled for the camera, and took a seat on the stage with Walter.  She cheered wildly when both Nico and Jesse received awards for great writing from their 3rd Grade Teacher, the marvelous Mrs. Jennifer Steen.  What she didn't know was that she was receiving a second award, one that took Mrs. Steen quite a long time to describe.  You see it saluted her great reading (she has accumulated more Accelerated Reader points than anyone else in her grade) and writing skills, her across-the-board academic accomplishments (all A's, every subject, every six weeks), and a special E.R.I.N. Recognition for her Energy, Responsibility, Integrity, and Never-Flagging Enthusiasm.   What an amazing thing to have a teacher recognize the wonderful things in your child that you see!

As long as I'm on a roll with this update, let me share another jaw-dropping, unbelievable wonderful thing that is happening to our family (after Erin was diagnosed, I never knew how many times each day I  would step back and think how lucky I was).  A pair of anonymous benefactors (a couple from our church) wanted to do something for our whole family.  So, Vickie, you just won the Super Bowl (or something), where are you going?  To Disney World.  We leave on May 22 and will get back on the 26th, just in time for Davis's graduation on the 27th.  This is a first for us, and you can not really imagine how excited Erin is (especially since we are capturing Nico and taking him along. . .generous, yes, but also self-interested.  He will join Erin on all the fast rides and roller coasters that no one else in the family will have anything to do with).  We are humbled and awed by this excessively gracious offer.   If our trip angel is reading this, Thank You.  We will take pictures, so you can see the blissful smiles on our faces.

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